How to Dress Like the Clueless

In Brazil it is called “perky” to those girls who give a lot of the image and are always very well tidy. As teenagers clueless often be the popular girls of the school, vain and consumerist, while in adulthood they are associated with socialites, participating in important events and festivals, always with an impeccable image. It can be said that the clueless are the typical vain girls, because they greatly value the appearance and everything that it includes, from clothing, through makeup and hair. If you are a fan of this style, continue reading this article, in which we give you the essential tips to know how to dress like the clueless!


1.The clueless are a little everywhere and they come to you above all through the screen. It is easy to recognize either the clueless of the movies naughty Girls, Legally Blonde and Material girls, the rebellious novel or the serial Gossip Girl, The Carrie Diaries and Little Liars. We advise you to look at these suggestions for taking ideas from perky!

2.The preferred color of the clueless is the pink, because it is a very feminine and delicate color. Thus being all the clueless must have several pieces of this color in your closet and in the various tones, without being afraid to create a complete look of pink, such as the image beside. In addition to this color, other light colours are also predominant in the wardrobe of clueless, unless fashion dictates otherwise – clueless worship to follow fashion trends and are always well informed about them!

3.As for the types of parts to be in your closet, it is simple: the more feminine, the better! In this way bet on skirts and dresses in all shapes and lengths, blouses, female blazers, high heels, female slippers, satin races, lace shorts and rising waist, poles, cardigans, feminine khaki trousers, etc. Most of the time the clueless seem to have dressed up to go to a party or important event, so bet on lush parts and make everyone notice you.

4.To complement your looks so well thought, the clueless do not abdicate accessories! The pouch is essential and you should be able to transport the whole “SOS kit” from a perky, from cellular to makeup, passing through mirror, sunglasses and tablet. They should be several, in order to combine with most of their looks, so vary in models: canvas pouch, handbag, shoulder bag, etc. You can combine this accessory with your shoes however it is not mandatory.

5.Necklaces also have an important weight at the time of assembling the look. They must combine flawlessly with the pieces you are using and always according to fashion. There is a basic rule that always results: If your top is very elaborate, prefer the most discreet necklaces, such as those in the next image; If, on the contrary, it is very simple to bet on large collars-the so-called necklaces statement. The earrings should combine with the necklace and the clueless give preference to those of pearls and bows.

6.In relation to the footwear, it is more usual to see the clueless of high heels than with slippers, however these latter are also option, as it is preferable to prevent in days troubled than to lose their composure. Oxford shoes, Moccasin feminine and slippers are a great request to be comfortable, beautiful and fashionable. See also how to make slippers with rhinestone blanket, a very glamorous option! In winter, prefer high-barrel boots and short-barrel boot with a little jump.

7.Lastly, hair accessories. The hair of the clueless is always impeccable and its beauty can be enhanced with glittering accessories, such as the image beside the side used by Paris Hilton, one of the best known clueless worldwide. So being bet on rhinestone tiaras, bow headbands, hair arquinhos and pretty cute, big and small clips.

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