How to Dress for Hourglass Figure

The silhouette in X is characterized by the shoulders and hips of about the same width, a defined waist and a generally tiny chest. It is similar to the morphology 8, except that X women are thinner and less plump. It is very easy to dress physics, all forms of clothing, or almost fit him.

Kylie Minogue, Laetitia Casta, Miley Cyrus or Halle Berry have this type of morphology, no less! Although all forms their will, these celebrities choose their outfits carefully in order to highlight their strengths: their legs, their size and chest. We’ll give you some tips that will make you a Queen of Shopping, for that we will balance the top and bottom of your figure while emphasizing your waist. Even if all you should go some outfits you better than others.

The senior preferred morphology for X or hourglass:

Wager on bustiers soon as the summer shows its face, they reveal your shoulders and emphasize your chest. However, if you have a large bust is not towards this type of top or dress that will turn you because they have the effect of lengthening your upper body.

You are lucky because you are all necklines! A boat passes you, round or asymmetrical V! If you have small breasts, max V necklines, clams collars and frills are perfect for you.

To you the hearts and seek and arched jackets that emphasize your small waist. A small fitted jacket over a tight skirt and high waist, accompanied by a pair of shoes will perfectly highlighting your belly and your beautiful legs.

Regarding coats, it’s the same, we must rely on parts that enhance your size. The trench you going particularly well, especially if you ceinturez it. A line coats, ie that flare from the waist, are also well suited to your body. wool coats, tweed or parkas … You only have to choose from. With a little flat but if you are petite, avoid coats ending below the knee which bunched the silhouette.

The lower priority when a morphology or hourglass X:

sheath dresses and hide heart you are particularly good because they highlight your waist and your shapes with elegance. But considering your physical, all forms will wonder about you! Small fluids and straight dresses with Empire dresses. Opt for long dresses if you are large and do not hesitate to denude your thin thighs with dresses above the knee.

The trapeze skirts, pencil, straight or fluid you are all well. Returning your top in, you will only better out your forms. For example you can opt for a bohemian look with a long skirt and a tank top and then a more classic look with a high-waisted skirt, top scored in the neckline and pumps. All styles befit you!

All forms of pants you will, but the skinny and straight cuts should be preferred if you have long legs, they put particularly in value. The tall sizes show off your ass and your narrow waist but low sizes are also well suited to your body since you have a flat stomach and slender waist.

The colors preferred for X in morphology or hourglass:

Regarding colors and prints, you also have enough room to maneuver. Big as small patterns you go. You can also play on weddings gays and fun colors. But beware, within the limits of good taste!

THE VALUES safe for morphology or hourglass X:

Tops, dresses and peplum skirts have particularly flattering shape for morphologies in X. In fact, it enhances the size and gives a touch of movement and elegance to your outfit.

The heels are your allies femininity! You can adopt other pumps and stilettos but also shoes with platforms and wedges. Your petite figure you can wear all: thin shoes to more imposing.

The fashion faux pas to avoid:

Banish too wide dresses that float on you and your size will not score as well as too wide belts that increase the figure. It’s the same for tops, you can afford to wear small tops fluids and broad, but beware, they must keep a shape and that we can keep an idea of ​​your figure below. Beware of bag indeed!

What accessories favored?

As for accessories, you can pretty much put a jumper with finesse or an original and colorful ethnic necklace. For earrings, Creole or rhinestones small discrete you will as well. Hold still consider the size of your neck, if short, avoid too long loops that increase and bet on lightness and discretion.

Some examples of stars who have a figure in X: Kylie Minogue, Scarlett Johansson, Fergie, Katy Perry, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Eva Longoria.

You morphology considered the most balanced, it will now have to develop it, you know that everything you will but that is not a reason to wear anything !! the key word is: mark its size. Go for fitted cuts, do not hesitate to wear collar V and plunging necklines.