How To Dress According To The Invitation?

He is always indicated next to the invitation of an event to facilitate the choice of clothes and avoid social gaffes. However, the so-called “dress code” or, literally, “dress code”, can often end up scaring or confusing who gets it.

If you are on the list of those who do not know very well what can and can not be used, this post is to make your life easier! We list valuable tips for you to clear your doubts before deciding the look and avoid discomfort. Know the types of costumes, from the least formal to the most formal:

Sport Suit (Casual, Sport Casual)

Usually indicated for social events during the day, outdoors or more casual, such as weekend business lunch, birthdays and company bbq. But attention: one should not take the expression to the letter! Sports suits, such as warm clothing, team shirts, sweats and running shoes, are not allowed.

What to wear: pants (can be jeans), shirt more bare, knit shirt, polo, sneakers or a more modern sneakers. If it is cold, blazer discreet.

Costume Ride (Tenue De Ville, Fine Sport, High Sport)

work. If the event is by day, you do not need to wear a tie. Called popularly as Fancy Sport, you still can not put that good old jeans in that outfit that does not require so much formality, but also does not give up the elegance. Check vintage style dresses on

What to wear: trousers and blazer (not necessarily the same color), long-sleeved shirt (smooth, colored or with discreet prints), suit (during the day, prefer light suits.) Late afternoon or evening , Dark suit and tie are indicated). For the feet, leather shoes matching the color of the belt.

Full Ride Costume (Social, Formal)

Used in weddings, graduations, sophisticated celebrations of 15 years, weddings, operas, awards and special dinners. It can be divided into two categories: After Five and Business Formal. In both cases, it is recommended to use more noble fabric pieces.

What to wear: socks, shoes and belts must be black, being leather shoes and wooden soles, full suits composed of social pants and jacket buttoned not necessarily the same colors. Social shirt with long sleeves and tie. Nowadays, the vest is expendable.

Gala Dress (Black-Tie, To Rigor, Tenue DesoirÉE Or HabillÉE)

For gala evenings, dances, grand prizes, formal wedding receptions, luxurious and sophisticated events or a party with a lot of glamor, worthy of red carpet. Requires the use of noble fabrics. There are also three variations of Black Tie: Black Tie, Black TieOptional/Black Tieinvited, and Creative Black Tie/Black Tie Festive.

What to Wear: In Black Tie, men should wear Full Tuxedo (black bow tie, pleated white cuffed shirt with cufflinks and satin stripe). Optionally, they can use spares. In Black Tie Optional, men can opt for a dark suit, white shirt and a conservative tie. And in Creative Black Tie, Tuxedo, black shirt, and no tie if you prefer. Shoes always varnish, or normal leather very well polished.