How to Dress 50s Inspired

Personally, I never dressed me “mode”. I mean too much. I dive into fashion what was to me. slim silhouette and slender, certainly, we can all wear. Or almost. Nevertheless: what befitted me to 20 years, no longer suits me 50. Normal? Yes perfectly. And we must assume.

I’ve always been one that relookait other, with an innate taste for color harmony. What I see sometimes couture collections makes me shudder: peas and tiles, even if it is considered very chic, you will never see me, as strange associations, even burlesque:, fuchsia and yellow, red and pink … I think we have a fair measure in all.

High school, I think I have tried everything, from the punk era-it was, remember, the safety pin on the grandfather shirt, and huge too wide, rolled up jeans on – to the touching test split long skirt, with wide-brimmed felt very lady of Paris, such as fur, real alas, mea culpa!

Until finally understand that it is better to cultivate a style that often follow a common mode, and it does not deprive, skinny jeans low waist with torn tops, too-péziennes sandals in ancient tunic, we still see and all moods.

I often find with sadness, that a girl could be pretty soon becomes an unoriginal fashion plate, and in the street, when it is running, you realize that this vital phenomenon is more complex than the believed: fashionitas victims primarily of store chains, Khan, La Halle, and other Kiabi, we quickly made the rounds of the must-wear!
Or originality, this little touch that makes all the difference, is what is most difficult to find, yet it is often so little!

Here are some observations made by my humble person, so that each can feel a unique and envied woman!

A fifties can still afford a lot of fantasies. For me, who have long been city before living by the sea, I created two databases: one more city, one more relaxed.

So here are some basic, easy to wear, which give way to many variations.
In the morning, there is not always time to wonder what goes with what, I suggest buying an outfit, rather than a single garment: it saves time.


-2 straight skirts, black and gray for example, to associate with a blazer jacket, a white shirt in cotton poplin.
-2 Tapered pants, preferably low-cutter, or cigarette. To lengthen the silhouette.
-2 Choice jeans, a blue and black.
-1 Western skirt.
-1 or 2 bathmat skirts, Mexx style velvet for winter, cotton for summer. A petticoat is also the case.
-The black dress three holes in tribute to Audrey Hepburn (Zara has stunning good price). Worn with a string of pearls, even false, there is nothing comparable.

For tops:
-Turtlenecks for chilly, fine, cashmere or cotton according to season.
-Colored sweaters, graphic, bathmat, marine, according to taste.
-Turtleneck-significant to associate with your skirts, dresses for preppy look ..
-T-shirts cotton or microfiber, all colors.
-1 or 2 woolen vests.
-For those who love, blouses, men’s style I prefer, you can tie a tie for a sophisticated effect last minute if anything at hand in the evening.

A must!

For me  the top Saharan remains : we do not invent tomorrow something as smart. Silk, Bachette version or evening safari, it remains the must for ensuring quinqua. The casual chic is what is best and can carry his Saharan everything.

As for accessories:

Do not forget to collect, balances, number of scarves, stoles, scarves and ties, silk scarves, etc … It is found throughout the year, with happiness.
Fashion is an eternal, I have 25 years and are still in the note.

The hats more to be ashamed of: it always finds a flasher where it ends .. And sometimes held too simplistic. Avoid, if it really does not have a .ca hat head made wedding witness.

Gloves and mittens: we lose them easily, but we can always renew and it’s so feminine!

Special mention for the skirt, leather or imitation, it is good to have one in his dressing IKEA.

For materials: linen, cotton, microfibre for comfort throughout the day.

In the evening, one can opt for the flamboyant satin, shiny silk, vinyl bustier why not?

The essential :

It is not difficult to dress well and cheap nowadays. Everything is always to project self, not the salesperson finds you cute or future top model out of the fitting silhouette dream vintage lace and rhinestone jeans. (She is thirty years younger than you).

What matters is you , you are yourself in your clothes.

Finally, the anti chill bothers your plans: to have forgotten something to cover waste
more output than anything else.

– The traditional woolen coat, straight, black, looké, with belt or not, with fantasies or not.

– A jacket (three-quarter or long preferred).. Let go of the color!

– A little black short jacket, spencer style, I door throughout the year.

– A denim jacket.

– A mac, the Little Bombs eg looké and indispensable. –

– The cloak updated.

And of course shoes that will also go there you go : you are not Beyoncé then avoid the 15 cm high. You work, you, and you have to catch a bus running!

– Des boots or boots for extreme cold and heavy rain. Yes, yes it exists!

– Flip flops summer Some, but not too much: this cup silhouette and deformed foot.

– A pair of tennis Bensimon, or sneakers for a sentimental walk, or doing in record time races.

– At home, have a kimono or a satin bathrobe.
Put on golden mules is very glamorous, as well as slippers bought in Marrakech .This is not because the self is in need bubble fall like one of Vamps.

List throwing:

With what I sometimes see outside, here’s a list of what to absolutely eliminate its stocks:

-The loden or Austrian boiled wool jacket: it looks like a bad German TV movie of the afternoon on M6, where everyone would live in a castle and would have heartaches which is heated on a sled covered the loden said.

-The cowboy boots unless you are biker.

-The low rise, once again, to which more than 50 Kg, any bead that begs to point his nose briskly spring of this size, and proves the far post!

-The mustard sweater your sister brought you his English stay. It will not in principle with nothing.

-The poncho Lama, South America. Remember your ex but difficult to integrate when you queue at Casto, DIY department.

-BB ballerinas, if not grace, or if you have flat feet.

-The neckline plunging plunging too. To avoid the whistles of road workers.

-The magic scarf: three years ago that your mother-you offered it to the market of San Remo.

– The mini really mini, if one does not have the long, thin legs. Or Birkin look.

-The inmettable on what was cracked balances, or traveling: as the Mexican holding to Salma Hayek. Bermudas Deals of Redoubt. The -too close-fitting dress-printed sakura. The pectoral leather inlaid with precious stones, found in a flea market, a little heavy to work with emergencies.

Shop around, shoot these errors if necessary. Who has not bought compulsive disorder at least once in his life, has not lived!
And throw! incommensurable with that breath of freedom that comes with the sight of a dressing ready to receive what you are. Point.

My cracked me: Jodpur, Saharan, fawn boots, scarf, all available in beige or khaki. There I am me (and not in Devernois)!

Round Special:

There is now a round fashion: I will not forget, because I often had girlfriends distressing to their curves.
Please do not feel forced to wear permanently black, summer and winter, in the office or evening! there is nothing more obvious that this will camouflage, while a woman taking her curves, if it is cheerful, lively, if she can adorn a colored garment (of hippie style often) can perfectly be pleasant, like a breadboard model can create discomfort!

Remember, chubby friends, to showcase what you better: your eyes, shoulders, chest advantageous. Do not deprive yourself of floral prints, barrettes in your hair, ethnic BO. Ethnic fashion is not difficult to find or to dial in Indian shops, major retailers like Exopotamie, or if you are under, among leading brands.
I had a teacher in high school who was strong, but never forgot to get up, she was green and beautiful and above a short cut of Joan of Arc, was tying a colored scarf in Afro! it was great and if I was bored geo I could spend my time looking at her, just for the effect!

Outlaw once and for all this black which quickly becomes smart, and if you ever have a reluctance, use base in a harem, a long skirt or a sweater neckline.
And basta, the color world is yours, and it will make you happier! So attractive!

Here! not bad for cheering up in this winter season. Waiting for spring to revamp!