How to do Squats Exercise Correctly

Squats exercise is the basis for training. From squatpositie many exercises are performed. Unfortunately, it is true that more than half of the contestants does not properly perform squats. This can result in unwanted damage and other annoyances. In this article, you will learn how to do a proper squat and how to train it.


When you perform squats do a genuflection. To take advantage of a squat, you should use any weight or just a loose rail. When you perform squats correctly, you can start using weights. With weights, you train your muscles even more and that is particularly useful for strengthening and bigger muscles, stronger bones and tendons.
A squatting exercise to do to stand upright with feet shoulder width or slightly wider. The placement of the feet are individually, it just depends on what the person can find pleasant. Toes pointed slightly outward. You hold hands in front of you and your fingers pointing diagonally upwards. Then bend your knees while keeping your back straight. In the beginning, you can release the best knee high, but if you’re doing squats correctly, you can go much deeper, and perhaps even “.ass to grass.” Make sure your knees do not meet internally, but externally, but they can’t get past your toes. Also make sure that you stay hip tilts forward, as soon as you pull your hips to tilt backward’ll back crooked.

The incorrect squat

A common error in the execution of the squat is to back warps too much, or that your upper body is suspended on the front. This can lead to very nasty injuries. Fix Incorrect squats can be a little time. It is also where the problem lies. Too short muscles are often a cause. Short muscles provides poor mobility and poor application of squats. It is important that you stretch your muscles for a after every workout and routes, becoming the muscles a bit longer. You can also use what is known as a foam roller. With a foam roller, roll the annoying knots in the muscles, this is painful at first, but it is normal. Tight hamstrings and/or the calf muscles are most common.


There are many unwise squat toilets exercises. It is advisable to alternate the exercises. To exercise the right implementation of the squat exercises, there are two very effective. It’s Face To Wall squats and the Goblet squats
Face To the Wall squat
Standing near a wall. Stand up straight and put the arms over the head. Now enter the squat movement.Came with his head against the wall, then enter your error in squats. Try to make good on their own by keeping your hips forward. In the beginning the bag if necessary just a few centimeters. Until you understand how it feels. When you release the deeper. It is good, go even closer to the wall. If you can make a perfect squat you stand with your toes toward the wall and kick you right down.
Goblet squat
This squat, run out with a dumbbell or kettlebell. This hold up against your chest. Because you are working with weight, you must pull your back muscles, which allows you to automatically your torso upright.


When you perform squats are also very important to tighten your abs, you protect your back. Train your core, abdominals and back muscles, is therefore an important element for increasing the strength of your body. Don’t forget exercise.