How to Decorate Strawberry Shortcake Party


Strawberry Shortcake is definitely the kind of timeless character, having success with all generations of children since the 80. Very adorable and with inspiration in fruits and flowers, Strawberry Shortcake and her friends bring to children the playful side and without evil of designs, resulting in a product line that includes dolls, games and party items. Get inspired in the decoration of Strawberry Shortcake party and has great ideas.

Strawberry Shortcake

The character Strawberry Shortcake was created in the 70 and just left the paper in 1980, when he won his own cartoon in the United States. The colorful atmosphere and sweet character soon liked children and became a real fever. The design went through reformulations over the years being the last in 2009-from then on, Strawberry Shortcake is replaced by more modern traits to talk with the children of the new era. The character left to deal directly with the city of Morangolândia to live in a big city. Strawberry Shortcake became tuned into fashion and to engage with technology, having up to your own cell phone.

Strawberry Shortcake has a lot of friends and they all have names inspired by fruits and desserts. So if you want to plan for a strawberry shortcake party decorations need meet the other characters, as so you can have more freedom in colors and in use. The main characters of the design, after Strawberry Shortcake, were your friends Cookie and Uvinha. With the new episodes the character has changed, giving way to drop of lemon, blackberry, red and beautiful plums!

Strawberry Shortcake Party Decorations

Strawberry Shortcake party decorations promises to please kids and your friends and can create a playful environment. Check out tips on how to use the sweet character.

* Colors

To make Strawberry Shortcake party decorations, it is important that you inspire in visual character in choosing colors. Strawberry Shortcake is Strawberry-inspired, so the character has shades of red, pink and green. As the design went through several redesigns, the character has changed over the years and you can adopt the party decoration drawing more please child.

If you want to get away from the pink, you can use the colors of the other characters, such as the drop of lemon, which has shades of yellow and blue in their clothing or the

Linda Bramble, which uses the colors blue and purple. If you want even more colorful decor, use all the characters: the decoration will be amazing.

* The Guest Tables

Time to decorate the tables of guests, invest in the overlays. Looks great to use green tablecloths with a smaller pink or red towel on top. Magazine chairs with tissues in the same tone. Another tip is to use striped tablecloths in the color of the socks of character: green and white. If you want you can mix the colors of characters: cover the tables with green towel, the chairs, with fabrics in the colors pink, purple, yellow, orange and red, representing Strawberry Shortcake and her friends.

* Strawberries

If you want to be really faithful to the Strawberry Shortcake theme, can’t be absent at the party the strawberries. They may appear in patterns of tissue such as ornaments in sweets or even giving rise to lovely centerpieces. A tip is to use a styrofoam ball and candied strawberries to make a strawberry tree and put on the tables.

Invest in strawberry juice, strawberry-shaped gelatin and goodies that have to do with the fruit. The little cups and plates can be purchased with Strawberry or even prints the character, easily found in stores items for parties.

* Provence

The Provencal style has everything to do with character Strawberry Shortcake, since it is very delicate and feminine. Bet on white Provencal furniture and make the cake table decoration around them. It is a free disposal long banks just below the cake table with cloth dolls of the character, as if it were a big Strawberry Shortcake picnic.

Bet on the brackets for Provencal and distribute the candies, cupcakes and other treats sticking chopsticks with strawberries on top shelf, for example. The pattern with deep red or pink and white polka-dot suit with the Provencal style and with Strawberry Shortcake party decorations, so invest in them to line the tables and chairs.

The Strawberry Shortcake party decorations can bring the sweet touch and playful iconic character for children’s Party, giving rise to an environment that will boot praise from guests.