How To Combine Short Boots

Who loves boots, uses the whole year. Although most people think you just boot combines cold, they can be used all year round, especially the short boots.

If you still have questions of How to combine short boots, split up some tips for you:

Combining short boots with pants

Pants suits virtually all right? And with short boots too! Those boots used with tapered pants in the same color, leave the silhouette more harmonic, leaving the longest legs and hip less and less apparent.

Combining short boots with skirts

The short boots are also great with skirt, but a lot depends on the length of the piece and your foot type. Remember that

– The closer the knee your skirt is short aparentarão your legs.

-How much more above the knee your skirt is long aparentarão your legs.

After that, just pick which goal you want and combine their parts.

Combining short boots with shorts

The time to combine rule here is the same for skirts. Everything will depend on the type of your body. But the shorts still open other possibilities such as using with stockings or leggings for the colder days.