How to Combine Leggings in Winter

There is little left for the winter to end, but while we want to talk about a star garment both in winter and spring: the leggings.

The leggins are comfortable, practical and the best thing is that they are perfect have the size you have. In EllaHoy we help you to combine them with grace and salt.

Either of us should have in your lockers several models of leggings. Must be black, brown, beige and printed. The printed leggings are very fashionable. They are carried with animal, ethnic or flower print. It is essential that you choose a good top to combine. The shoe is also very important.

Smooth Leggings

For informal styling, wear smooth leggings with an oversize sweater. You can also wear the leggings with a long printed contrast blouse and an open wool jacket. For those looking for a more casual look bets on wearing the leggings with a smooth shirt with overcoat of paintings on top and a perfect jacket. For these more informal outfits opt for a biker boots or wobbles. To go to the office or leisurely moments take the smooth leggings with a blouse or shirt over dress and add a blazer to the set. Here better combine the final set with a few booties with heels.

Embossed Leggings

The printed leggings, mainly, are taken in moments of leisure or for more informal styling. In winter we can combine them with an extra large wool sweater. Always choose an upper part that has some of the colors of the printed leggings, thus they are more combined. Leggings with flowers or ethnic style can look great if you wear them in a plain sweatshirt.

If you are more daring you can combine them with a t-shirt or sweatshirt with another print and create a mix of prints. Here you can wear flat boots, tacked-up boots or shoes with some different detail.

Sports Leggings

If you are one of those who practice sports you can not stop having several leggings in your closet, either to do sport or to go to the gym. Wear cotton, microfiber or lycra leggings and be breathable. You can combine them with a top or a wide t-shirt for sport.And to go to the gym we advise you to wear them with a sweatshirt and a sweatshirt with zip and hood. And of course you have to combine them with sneakers. Trends mark that they can be plain or printed leggings and you are free to combine, the decision is yours.

Leggings Dress Up

A priori leggings are not a garment, but there are some types of leggings that can be adapted for a night out. Choose leggings with some richer fabric such as: velvet, leather, sequins or brocade. You can wear them with a top with transparencies or a crop top wool jersey. To avoid getting cold you can wear them in a leather biker jacket or a dress blazer.The heels are essential for these looks. And it adds big jewelry to finish off the styling.