How To Combine Legging With Other Pieces

Leggings trousers have conquered Brazilian women. Inspired in the 1980s, they are practical and comfortable, as well as combined with many other pieces, especially when purchased in neutral colors. 

When black or in shades of brown, for example, apply to the most diverse looks.

However, for women who did not stick to them, the trick is to think of leggings as pantyhose. The ideal is to combine the piece with blouses that cover the hip, otherwise they can make the production more popular. Then invest in large and long t-shirts, such as blazers, cardigans and short jackets, dresses, shorts and skirts allied to leggings as overlays.

 However, women above their ideal weight should opt for dark, preferably black, leggings. The overlapping of the wider tops used with leggings help disguise the extra pounds. Low women, however, should invest in leggings below the knee or up to the ankle to lengthen the silhouette; Highs can abuse calf-height models.

Leggings when attached to sandals and scarpins lengthen the silhouette. When opting for elongated barrel boots, choose models that are not fully legged.The ankle boots and sneakers, in turn, add romanticism to the look, however, tend to make the woman smaller, so those of short stature should invest in looks of close tones to stretch and balance the look.

Colorful, embossed, sober or even wet legging and jegging. Among the varieties, models detailed in sequins, animal print and stripes stand out. Therefore, women with thick legs should avoid opaque or bright models in light colors, as they thicken even more legs and thighs, so it is suggested pieces in dark tones.

Small print models favor thick legs, just as large pattern models are best suited for thin-legged women. However, so that there is a counterpoint between the elements of the look, avoid necklines too bold not to vulgarize the production. Alie the leggings to the wide gowns and belts to demarcate the waist.

Trend In Winter Leggings

As novelty for the approaching cold season the animal print allies with the leggings to be worn with boots and heavy shoes. Oz, zebra and python models are the most sought after options. The tip, however, is not to overdo the elements, avoiding overloading production. Choose sober tops and dark shoes to neutralize the look.

Transparency shows itself as a strong trend, used to create patterns in leggings, endowing the pieces with modernity and charm, as well as velvet. The wet leggings-bright models-, in turn, are still high based on Deadlyleggings. Although striking, they are versatile and can be attached to match different styles of looks. For winter, the most requested are the black and metallized.