How To Clean My Silver Jewelry?

They must be packed one by one–or in appropriate boxes for jewelry, wrapped in tissue paper or in plastic bags closed, preventing air from entering.

This will keep the brightness of the parts.

With silver jewelry can be a color shift over time. This phenomenon is called oxidation (darkening of jewelry).

Fortunately it is only an outer layer and does not affect your quality, and can occur even with jewelry that are in the Windows, without ever having been used.

This is because during the process of producing silver receives other components we call the combine, which is used to give strength to silver.

Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes, cosmetics, pool chlorine and cleaning products.

How To Clean A Silver Jewel

First see if the part to be cleaned is protected by varnish. If so, clean it with a soft, dry and without any abrasive.

There is no varnish, you should clean it with a metal polisher of type Hiss or Brasso.

Apply a thin layer, rub a little and, once dry, remove the product with an extra soft flannel.

When there are only soft spots a soft flannel and dry the removes.

A homemade solution to brighten the darkened silver is rub it with toothpaste. When you have brightness, wash with warm water and dry with soft cloth.

Another simple way to clean silver is to combine about a liter of water, at room temperature, with three tablespoons of baking soda and three tablespoons of salt in a bowl.

Add a small piece of foil and the silver to immerse in this solution. The silver will shine again.

Don’t try polishing your jewelry using steel scouring pads or any abrasive type as polishes, toothpaste, etc.

The ideal is to use a suitable for jewelry.

There are available on the market and net folders for cleaning metals. The piece will clear up in time, but will darken more easily due to oil product.

For cleaning use a solution of water, a soft brush not to scratch your jewelry and coconut SOAP in bar or liquid, rinse and dry with soft cloth.

Best Preserved The Silver?

To preserve the shine, silver requires certain precautions.

Rarely used parts should be cleaned immediately after use and stored in a dry, wrapped in paper towels.

The pieces in use will suffer normal oxidation and may eventually require polishing machine polishing.