How To Choose Toys For Your Child?

It has happened to you that you want to give a gift to your little one, you think of a toy and you do not know which one to select?

Before different options, you ask yourself what will be the most appropriate  toy? Will it do you good or bad to play with this? Will it contribute anything to its development?

This is because we are aware of the importance of play in our children’s learning. Through this he gets the way to externalize his emotions, imagination, desires, helps them acquire skills and behavior patterns, among other great benefits, then …

… we can say that  the game is a way that allows our son to improve his learning and his abilities

The best toys are those that help them to be protagonists, to make decisions, to promote social values, those that serve to learn while having fun. 

In this sense, there are toys designed to fulfill a purpose in the formation of our children, for example games such as memory and puzzle are ideal for teaching to memorize or relate, games in which the child’s movements are necessary favor his exercise and health, while  wooden toys lifelong help an incredible way to develop imagination and stimulate the senses, because  fomentan free game ideal for stimulating creativity and imagination.

Mental and guessing games are also very good at developing the cognitive level. Thanks to them, it is possible to improve the capacity of concentration and develop the capacity to make logical decisions. They are also good for motor skills, visual acuity, etc … endless benefits.

Finally, we must not forget essential rules, such as looking carefully at the instructions and specifications of the toys or checking the age for which the toys are recommended. In addition, we have to worry about not choosing sexist toys and not getting carried away by advertising. It is better to invest some of our time in reflecting and seeing which toys will be better for the development of the kings of our houses.