How to Choose the Perfect Bikini For Every Body Type

No woman to go to the Beach or in the pool with a bikini ugly, isn’t it? But beyond the beauty of the piece, you need to know to choose the perfect bikini for every body type. Learn to choose the template that most suits their curves and characteristics, it is essential to make the silhouette balanced and much prettier. Want to know how to choose the ideal model for your body type? Then check out the following tips.

Bikini model ideal for every body type


This body type is characterized by the “Guitar”, that is, women have the shoulder and hourglasses, balanced, and a hip waist well marked. Who has that kind of body can use all sorts of bikinis. However, the only indication is to avoid the extremes as wide or panties thong model.


Women who have this type of body need to disguise the hip width, since the PEAR type is characterized by the hips wider than shoulders. To balance the silhouette, the best option is to opt for dark panties and with the wider side. To create the impression of more bust, the tip is to create volume using prints on top or bulge. Strapless bikinis and draped details are also welcome


Who has that kind of body, is usually with a few extra pounds or has a more protruding belly. To balance this format, a good tip to choose the perfect bikini for every body type, you choose the high-waisted panties combined with lateral bras and larger handles. However, the most recommended for chubby women’s swimsuit. You must also be careful with prints very showy. Not to miss in the choice, the best choice is to opt for plain colors and dark.


Women who have this type of body, have well balanced shapes, but with a little waist. For this reason, the ideal is to opt for bikini models that create the illusion of thinner waist. For this purpose, the tip is to bet on models with Ruffles, prints and bows because they help create more curves. Are also allowed by with flashy prints, bright colors and volume.

Inverted triangle

If you have this type of body do you want to learn how to choose the perfect bikini, one must learn to balance your proportions according to That’s because who has the silhouette in the shape of inverted triangle, has wider shoulders than the rest of the body. So the tip is essential for women with that kind of body, is to invest in strapless bikinis and strapless. Another very good tip to balance the width of the shoulder to the hip is betting on flat pieces and dark on top, and in vibrant colors and prints on the bottom. This combination helps a lot to balance this body format.

Now that you know how to choose the perfect bikini for every body type, you can’t go wrong in choosing the perfect model for you!

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