How to Choose Jeans Pant

Did you know that the word “jeans” comes from the Italian city of Genoa in which the sailors were known to wear sturdy pants fustian (after a fabric a blend of linen or wool and cotton)?

In the eighteenth, they began to call it “  Jene Fustyan  ” which gave “Jean pants” a century later. Interesting right?

Yes guys! It’s jeans and other pants which we will discuss today. So if you want to discover the perfect characteristics of the pants, how to wear, how to maintain it, and where to buy it, then read on, you’ll like!

It is said that the ideal man does not exist, but the ideal pants for its real! This makes it great, and gives the illusion of a more muscular body up. Class right? However, a bad pants can kill your figure and make you smaller and bigger. It is therefore extremely important to know how to choose his pants. The characteristics, level by level, to get there easily, by level, to get there easily.


The pants must ask at the size (normal size or Mid Rise), still below the navel, although slightly lower for jeans (low waist or Low Rise). To find the right size at this level, do not hesitate to test several sizes to find pants that arises as comfortable as possible on the size and as tight as possible for jeans, so as to be able to pass that a single finger.

Test the size below to be sure, and without worrying about the size you intend to wear. Because not only the pants tend to grow over time (especially when they are made of cotton), but on top of that, a study showed that the size listed on the jeans is different from the actual size and this difference differs depending on the price range.

Here A2Zdirectory makes a simple test: fill your pockets as usual. If the pants without belt fails, then it is too broad. If we observe the creases from the bottom of the fly and back, or in the buttocks, then it is too tight. If you have any of that, then you have found the right size! Congratulations.

This part is quite difficult for us to internalize men. Because, Chattaraman, Simmons, and Ulrich in 2013 showed that more men are big, and they prefer clothes with bowls, and jeans with high waist. This preference also increases with age and the non-satisfaction of his body. Similarly, the more they want to be muscular, and they prefer low rise jeans [4] . In other words, we tend to make choices to change our shape, but these intuitive choices are usually a mistake.


The cut should embrace the legs loosely or leave them too much room (get rid of the baggy please). If you find the right cut, it should not be too many folds.

I will not venture to give you the cutting types for jeans, because they change depending on the brand. But an indication, the skinny cuts and semi-slims generally correspond to the description I just made, that of the New Men.


At the bottom of trousers, the fabric falls and creates what is called a break, namely a fold in the tissue. We prefer a single break, not more. Because the bottom of the trousers must cover up shoes and some laces without spoiling the beautiful line silhouette that make the legs. In general, the greater the breakage, and the legs have the short air. Therefore try the pants with shoes that we wear the account.

In 2009, a study had shown that the adjustment of clothing in ready-to-wear is usually seen as a problem for men. Or one of the two most cited problems is the length pants in a suit. But this is not surprising when you see what changes especially between small brands and large distributions, it is precisely leg length.

But do not despair, always looking for the right length, or retouching made too great lengths. But above all, bans hemming on too long! Besides, in general, avoid setbacks on the pants, or keep them the less protuberant can to reduce the impact on the silhouette line, and always sewn.

This is something very important to me, because the number of students and other guys I meet in the street with hems came from another planet, me despair. It’s incredible ! This fad is ridiculous because it opposes any sense.

Non-sewn hems still spend on chinos and jeans that already have the right length, but only if it’s done right, and if it is not winter. I stress this point: “if it is not winter! “Seriously guys, make an effort on this. The hems are meaningful in the summer for cooler, but in winter …

Personally, I’m not a fan of hems, because they break the silhouette line, and therefore undermine the purpose of the trousers we saw at the beginning of the course. But if you hold still to do, do it only in summer, wearing invisible socks. And be different depending on the type hems of pants:

  • If it is a thick jeans and upscale enough: make a simple hem of 5 cm maximum.
  • Jeans for a cut not too worn with slim thin shoes, take the fabric of jeans between your index finger and your thumb at the bottom of the inner seam of the calf, and fold it on the front of the jeans.Then make two hems, no more.
  • For chinos, use the thickness of stitched lapels, and made up to two hems.

At this level, you will have noticed, the general idea is to have pants that perfectly marries its forms, without the cast too, and without superfluous fabric in order to flatter the silhouette.

A question of quality

It’s not enough to have pants to size, it also needs to be of good quality.


The first thing you should check is the quality of the seams: they must be regular and close together. Because it is one of the factors that will determine the longevity of the pants, and it is also a guarantee of a job well done.


The second thing is the quality of the fabric.

For trousers and chinos, the subject matter as long as the quality is good. But prefer 100% natural fabrics that are more pleasant to the skin as aesthetically.

For jeans, the fabric should be smooth, with possible slight metallic sheen, deep color (for faded jeans, look under the back pocket, where the denim is not washed), and little wear . It must seem natural and subtle, and must not have gross traces.

Also remember to read the course on how to make successful purchases to know exactly what to look for.

How to wear?

Now that choice is good, do not spoil while ailing your pants. Before going further, I want to clarify something that I have not said before: it is forbidden to wear short pants or leather pants. If you disagree, go to this page and stay there.

For aesthetic and durability questions, do not stuff your pockets. And most of all, no sagging when wearing jeans. The blow of the denim jacket with jeans is rarely a good idea.

Rather prefer to wear your pants with a shirt, with a sweater and a shirt, or with a shirt, tie and a trench coat. You really have a choice. The idea is not to attract any attention to the trousers, including choosing darker colors than the top of the outfit.

How to maintain it?


Cotton canvas pants can be washed in the machine temperature indicated on the label and be dried on a clothes line with pliers.

However, most wool pants do not. Soak them in a basin of warm water with detergent for delicate textiles. Rinse them, and do not wring them not to deform the fabric. Finally, pat dry with absorbent towel and dry them flat.


When you buy a raw denim, it is very rigid. Turn it and soak it for an hour in a hot water bath to make it portable.

Apart from that, jeans should rarely be washed to maintain its shape and color. So avoid washing up than it really is necessary, at least once every three months. You have three choices for this:

  • Either you take it in a good pressing, and we will do it for you.This is the best solution for high-end jeans.
  • Either you can wash it by soaking it in a tub of warm water with detergent laying dark colors.Shake it a little water to wash it, and let it rest for an hour.Then rinse with cold water. And as your wool pants, sponge him in a towel without wringing.
  • Either you decide to wash cold wash with a detergent for dark color, and a cap of vinegar to set the color.

In all cases, do not tumble dry, but flat.

To avoid washing too often, avoid wearing the same jeans two days in a row. At the end of the day, turn your jeans, and let it get some air. All this to prevent odors develop.

Or buy ?

Because I do not like to get my clothes by fifteen shops by afternoon without finding anything, I assume it’s the same for you. So here is a small selection of brands where to buy your pants and jeans, depending on your budget, to save you time.

The idea is to choose a brand that fits not only your budget but also to your size. The marks are cut differently, some brands will match your body, and others do not. A test you, and retain the brands that adorn you.

You can download the summary of the course and selection of brands there.

Now I have a favor to ask you. Put your best trousers, the one whose size is closest to the ideal, and share with me, regardless of brand and color, or a picture of what happens to you. I await your answers!