How to Choose Flashlight

Flashlights are almost a must in any form of prepping. Most disaster scenarios in any case, I prepare myself before means I will not have access to electricity. This applies regardless of whether I glitches or bugs out. And there is no electricity, there is unlikely to be no functioning lights that rely on an electrical outlet.

It is of course possible to arrange lighting using such as candles, oil lamps, and the like. But even if you arrange the lighting in this way is a couple of flashlights or an effective supplement that also works well both indoors and outdoors and in most weather conditions.

At my purchases of flashlights ambition has been to refrain from large flashlights of the type maglite when their light quality is not even close to the price they command. Moreover, they are bulky, which does not suit me very well when I was in the worst case refers to bug out and want to have as easy/non-bulky gadgets as possible. The only advantage of a maglite is possibly that it also can be used as weapons ( if you now feel they have the need.

But it appeared obviously a maglite on our site that no one offered why I put a bid on 10 million and won the bidding. The reason I even have a maglite is reason alone it being cheap and not that I had any real need for a maglite.

I have also decided to invest in a pair of head lamps as they provide the opportunity to keep your hands free in conjunction with that they provide a good and directional light. The headlamps which I bought also enables the use of red light, which means that maintaining night vision better. This while one can make use of the red light for example, reading a map or similar outdoors without visible several kilometers which is the case when one uses white light. For example, in a bug out there may be situations where you need light but do not want to be discovered.

Here is a brief summary of the various boiler and flashlights as I currently have access to my prepp.

  • Headlamp – Black Diamond Spot (200)
  • Headlamp Silva L4 (150 SEK)
  • Headlamp CREE XM-L T6 (80 SEK)
  • UltraFire 2000 Lumens Dykarlampa (100 kr)
  • Maglite (10 kr)
  • Ultrafire minificklampor (30 kr/st)

The downside to my selection of lamps is that I have not been very consistent with regard to the types of batteries needed for the lights to work. To all my lights to work, a total of four different types of batteries, which are less successful.

Headlamp XM-L T6 is a fantastic lamp with a beam of light that most closely resembles an aircraft searchlights. According to the manufacturer, the lamp can reach 2000 lumens. If this is true to reality, I have not a clue. Whichever no ordinary lamp that I have in my possession even close to the brightness on my XM-L T6.

Even dykarlampan has an excellent light and the LED is as far as I understand the same model as the headlamp. I do not intend to use dykarlampan for diving but chose it because of that it was waterproof, had good brightness and had three built and sharp pegs which can be used for example to enter a window or indeed constitute a means of self-defense if such a situation should arise.

Unfortunately driven these two lights with batteries type 18650 which I have only the rechargeable versions. I have in themselves twelve rechargeable batteries of this type, but the capacity of these batteries in my lights is about an hour at full operation. I have thus lighting for more than twelve hours with these lights. Then they are completely useless if I do not have the ability to recharge its batteries. These lamps are therefore primarily intended for short-disaster scenarios.

Other lamps powered by standard batteries and special headlamps are relatively energy efficient. My stock of conventional batteries is decent and I expect cold to have access to well-functioning boiler and flashlights during at least a month with my current stock of batteries.

I’m relatively happy with my set of boiler and flashlights, and has no immediate need for new purchases. This may in itself rapidly changed this shows up some hysterical value purchases such as our site.