How to Choose a Dog Collar and Leash

There are enough types of dog collars and leashes available that should be able to find one that perfectly you and your pet suits.

Understand that any type of collar and leash will do, as long as they are strong enough to keep your dog fit properly and are not too heavy for your dog to run.

Know that the collar fits properly if you can only fit two fingers between him and the dog.

get an idea of what type or style collar look. Want something individually, glittery, holiday in a particular color or fabric, or a project? The more specific you are about what you want, the easier it will be for a salesperson to help you.

Think about the type of breed your dog is and what color his skin is. A fuzzy pink collar that will work for toy poodle will probably seem silly to Doberman.

Shop around to see all kinds of collars and leashes available. Look at the price range, and decide how much you want to pay. Leashes and collars are priced starting at $ 10, depending on how fancy you want yours to be.

Be sure you buy a leash that is the correct length for your dog. A long strap will back legs a little dog. A close eye will hamper large dog.

Ask the seller how lasting will be the collar and leash. Decorative or glued on objects can have a tendency to fall.

Check out some online stores to get a good idea of ​​the wide variety that is available. RC Steele, in the company of dogs have large and varied selections.