How to Change Battery in Wrist Watch

The battery of the wrist, is a work that usually we entrust to our trusted watchmaker, which in a few minutes can change it. Actually it is an operation that we too can play, you have to know where to start and what tools to use. Let’s see how to replace the battery at the wrist.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Screwdriver

Firstly, you need to figure out how to open the watch. If more fortunate enough a cutting tip screwdriver to open the cash, leveraging between the dial and the bottom. Check the back of the watch and find a spot where you can pry. Some watches have a slightly raised portion on the back, and that’s where we should use to open it.
Before you proceed, pull the puller screw (the one that set the time to be clear), because in some cases, this means that the CAP opens. At this point with our screwdriver we leverage very gently to open the case back. So before we put the cut of the screwdriver under the tab and lift upward firmly until you open it.

Other types of wrist watch, especially plastic ones, have some screws on the back, and therefore have small screwdrivers to cross or cut. In this case then just unscrew them to access the caseback. It is recommended that particular care to keep these screws in a safe place because you will lose very easily.

Finally, there are clocks that have the pad started at checkout, in this case we need a tool to Watch said “open-crates.” There are also economic instruments some very different from them, or professional kits which also contain the vise to hold the watch during the operation (Vice fermacassa). We say that the use of this tool is not difficult, per se, just match the cleats on the bottom with the prongs of the instrument and then simply unscrew.

Once we opened the watch, we have to locate the battery. It is usually round and shiny as metal pill with diameter between the 6 and the 9 mm. It is usually attached to the clock mechanism through a metal clip that also aims to keep it steady. At this point, with a pair of plastic tweezers (to avoid electrostatic) remove the battery, and put it aside for better observation. On its bottom there are identifiers to identify the type, if you are not experienced the best thing to do is bring it with you to the store where you plan to purchase the new.

Once you get the new battery, we’re going to insert it, taking care to set her up with the metal clip that holds. Closing the case back proceeds according to the type of injury by repeating the operations done to unscrew it. As in the case of cheap watches you can try to make this and other small routine maintenance work, getting the right tools and a little practice, the long run you’ll save something.


Never forget:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • apricassa
  • grip fermacassa
  • plastic tweezers