How to Apply False Eyelashes

From today we can finally dare due to  false eyelashes Paperself, ie the “paper” origami to have a look that enchants.
These wonderful eyelashes  arrived in Italy, in Sephora stores and today I will show you how to apply them.

Paperself was founded in 2009 and is named for the use of paper in the cosmetic line made by London-based designer who Chunwei Liao, bringing together collaborators, artists and designers produce false eyelashes paper from the exquisite design and superlative quality.

The eyelashes Paperself can be found in two formats:

– THE COURT: You may apply to the ends of the lashes top and bottom to enhance the look;
– LONG: you apply over the entire length of the eyelashes.

You will notice that are longer than the lashes natural, so by cutting them in the end, you can repurpose the piece made redundant to apply it in the end zone of the lashes lower, resulting in a much sought after look.

The Paperself eyelashes are inspired by Chinese cuts and are available in 11 basic models each with a special meaning:
– HORSE, horses symbolize success;
– PEONY, peony, happiness and good luck;
– PEACH BLOSSOM, peach flowers, love and romance;
– PEACOCK, peacock, a symbol of good luck and lucky days;
– bUTTERFLY, butterfly, beautiful, sensitive and free;
– CLOWN, good luck;
– UNDER tHE SEA, marine world, a symbol of peace.
to these are added the eye lashes dedicated to birds, scorpions, spiders, smaller sizes with horses and butterflies, and the London skyline, the version dedicated to London.

You’re probably wondering, how you apply the fake eyelashes Paperself?

In the following photos I show you the steps to teach you how to apply, starting from a simple basic eye makeup to use to enhance the Paperself fake eyelashes.

First, we need a pair of scissors, tweezers and glue for eyelashes fake. I use the “LashGrip” that dries without problems in thirty seconds.

With the tweezers grab the false eyelashes Paperself and applied on the black edge of the eyelash glue along the entire length. Then apply them, starting from the inner corner of the line in the area of the eyelashes , applying pressure as they will advance in secure them.

During the procedure keep your eye on where you are applying the product closed for at least 30 seconds and then open it again.

The price of Paperself eyelashes is approximately € 15,82 and can be found in Sephora stores or on the official website of Paperself.

These amazing eyelashes will make our evening even more magical!

I completed the make up with a truly original make-up lips, made with lace.

Ques’anno at Cosmoprof Bologna presents it was also the stand Paperself where fantastic eyelashes in all their beauty and imagination were shown.