How Nuno Markl Celebrates National Pajama Day

The comedian posed in his pajamas for a good cause.

Today is celebrated National Pajama Day and Nuno Markl wanted to dress up to celebrate the date. The pajama of choice? One from Darth Vader, a character in the Star Wars saga, which the comedian has already confessed to being a big fan.

However, there is a very important reason that motivates the celebration of this day.

In his official page of, the radioista indicates the page of access to the institution Worlds of Life .

And this site explains the origin of this day:

“National Pajama Day is an educational and supportive day made by children who help other children.

On this day, children up to 10 years old(this year has been extended to 1st cycle children), in schools and participating institutions, from all over the country(mainland and islands)-or from countries where there are Portuguese-, come dressed in pajamas To school and spend the day in fun and educational activities until they return home.

The National Pajama Day is held on November 20 of each year. In the previous weeks, the teachers could also organize a series of playful and educational activities in the room with the children and with the families proposed by the Pajama Mission.

This is a day when young children remind everyone that”a child has the right to grow up in a family,” he explains.

Mundos de Vida is an institution that aims to”affirm rights and respond to the needs of children, senior citizens and their families.”

Learn how you can contribute to this and other initiatives here .