How Do I Find the Ideal Jeans for Hot Summer?

Warm temperatures and sunshine are now no longer far.Slowly but surely we can now also stow the thicker transitional cups back in the back of the cupboard.But stop, your jeans do not have to be cleared right now.You can wear it in the summer.Assuming, of course, they meet some criteria.As you find the ideal jeans for the summer, I want to tell you today with some tips.

30 ° C, sun … the jeans are sitting

Ok, these are still temperatures that we are dreaming of, but I’m sure the summer will come back again this year with sweaty temperatures. Airy clothes and shorts would be ideal. But you want to wear something else. And the jeans as our darling will not be overlooked. But not every jeans is well suited for the summer. And when I write the word “summer” here, I do not mean a cheerful weather at 19 ° C. But quietly the really hot days. 😉

The material

According to, the first thing you’ll notice is the thickness of the jeans, because there are very significant differences.Normal jeans are usually a bit thicker than special summer jeans, so you can easily wear them on colder days.Take a look at the label and the material characteristics described there.If there is nothing there, the demand at the seller or the view of the website of the jeans manufacturer helps.Normal jeans usually have a fabric thickness of 14oz (ounces).This is a bit thicker for warmer summer.Better suited are light summer jeans, which only have a fabric thickness of approx. 12oz. They sit somewhat lighter and are not so heavy.Even more comfortable will be your summer jeans, if you choose a material mix.Stretch jeans are very flexible and make much more adventures than jeans from 100% cotton.

Your jeans have other material properties?Super, because it can (not only) be a real advantage in the summer.Special fibers such as lyocell or modal have cooling properties and ensure a light, noble luster of the fabric.

The wash

In addition to the material itself, there are also other factors in summer jeans.Because of course she should put your figure perfectly into the scene.It is certainly not new to you that certain cuts and ablutions can be very decisive.The darker the fabric is, the larger is the “slimming effect”.But there are other small details that you can look out for if you want to cheat a few pounds or your legs should appear a bit longer.Vertical, light washings on the thighs stretch optically and at the same time make more powerful thighs look slightly slimmer.

If you dare in the summer can also deviate from the usual blue of the jeans and to grab colorful tones in the current colors of the season.

Especially in the summer, it is important that the jeans do not sit too tightly on the body.A little air and travel provides a better wearing feeling.If it is nevertheless a (very) tight jeans, then always pay attention to the proportion of elastane, which should be ideally at 2% and offers you and your jeans more freedom of movement.And summer jeans, which are not too tight to the body, offer yet another advantage: They can be a little up-and-twist and provide you with a little more cooling.Some jeans even have nice interior seams, which are really great to be highlighted.

How do I maintain my summer jeans correctly?

The best care for your summer jeans is a very gentle care.Before the first wearing, you should wash them before, temperatures of 30 ° C can withstand almost any jeans.More detailed instructions can be found in the care instructions on the label of the jeans.Always wash from the left and with a fine detergent, which spares the material.Some models do not tolerate a strong spin, but in the dryer, generally, none of your jeans.Simply hang on the leash or the clothes rail, shape it slightly and let it dry in the fresh air and not in direct, strong sunlight.So you have more than a summer pleasure in your jeans.

And now I wish all of us that summer   also soon looks.Have fun in the sun!I hope I could help you with my tips in the search for the perfect summer jeans a little help.