How Can You Choose Your Sleeping Bag?

This is one of the most frequent questions among people who are dedicated to adventure, here are some concepts:

1.- Think about the specific activity for which you require the sleeping bag: trekking, high mountain, car-camping, cycling, etc.

2.-Think about the environment in which you will develop more: cold, warm, dry, wet, etc.

3.-The differences between the sleeping bags are given by the materials of filling, these can be artificial or natural (pen) and also by the materials of construction of the same, tactel, flytec, cormilener, etc. These materials are advisable for their durability and comfort.

4.-Look carefully at the closures, in their quality and also inside are protected so they do not disturb.

Advantages and disadvantages of Filling:

PEN: The quality of the pen is expressed in the mixture of the amount of pen vs.The “nerve” of it, ie a 90/10 feather sleeping bag is better than an 80/20.The amount of pen in a sleeping bag is expressed in cuin (cubic inches).This material has the following characteristics:

Very compressible


Low volume and high heat holding capacity

If it gets wet it will dry

It is necessary to wash it with special agents

Is more expensive.

SYNTHETIC FIBERS: There is an infinity of synthetic fibers of filling, Quallofil, Izotherm, Hallowfill, etc., all with different characteristics according to their manufacturers.These materials have the following characteristics:

Greater Volume

Higher weight and lower heat holding capacity

Drying faster than the pen

They do not need more care when washing

Lowest price

In general we could say that a pen sleeping bag is more suitable for winter expeditions to very cold places, and for all general use it is more advisable to have a sleeping bag made of synthetic fibers.

Some caution recommendations:

Protects sleeping from moisture

Uses a good insulating mattress

Always try to camp in dry places

As much as possible at home keeps the sleeping bag out of the compression bag, ie in a bag or something larger so that the fibers do not suffer, or better yet hung.

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