Honest Swimwear for Real Women

The Canadian swimwear label”Nettle’s Tale”has the suitable swimming suit for women, whether narrow or wide, in other circumstances, crisp or wrinkled.  How this should work? By honesty! This is the guiding principle which”Nettle’s Tale” pursues.

Swimwear that adapts to the body of women

“What woman is really happy to go shopping for swimwear?”, This question the young company presents itself on its homepage. The answer is as simple as obvious: the women should not adapt to the swimwear, but the bathing suit the women. And so every swimsuit and bikini was inspired by a real woman. The label advertises women from everyday life who are shown in the pictures just as they are-without retouching. The collection pieces are given a personal touch by bearing the name of their muse.

Swimsuit or bikini? All Nettle’s Tale models at a glance

The message from”Nettle’s Tale”: Love you!

The label provides exactly the right bikini or swimsuit for every type of woman and adapted to their supposed problem zones-and very promising. Last May, the company founder Julia Church raised money on the crowd funding platform”Indiegogo”. Within a very short space of time, she had collected seven times the sum of the money. The swimwear has it made in Vancouver. Interest in their designs is great around the world.

“Nettle’s Tale” would like to encourage women not only to accept but to love one thing above all. We find: This is precisely the zeitgeist, the many Bademoden-labels is missing! Because either you see women with perfect trauma mods in scarce parts or you are pushed as a woman straight into the”plus size” rail-also best presented by a lady with size 38… And honestly, who says” Hey, I’m Plus Size”, if you can say” I love all my curves and curves exactly like they are and would like to be able to buy exactly the same swimwear as any other woman!”.