High-Waisted Jeans: Have You Got Yourself into This Mess?

They hide love handles front and side. They keep the shirt properly dressed up as you put it at home. They do not allow you to “pay piggy bank”. So why the high-waisted jeans still generate looks suspicious of women?

Maybe because it’s too associated with kitsch of the years 80 and 90, the high waist rehearses a tentative return. Nobody wants to look like a character from Beverly Hills, 90210, isn’t it?

In the United States there is even a pejorative expression for this model popular in the years 80 and 90: Mom Jeans (mom Jeans). But the models of pants currently available are elegant and varied enough to leave any bias aside.

If you have purchased a high-waisted jeans, but are unsure about how to make it work for you, here are some tips for using them in the best way!

As well the hip and abdomen, you need to choose the model and the size of the jeans based on lookatthejeans. The high waist can be used to your favor to put those extra flab in place or to highlight a crisp crust, but if it’s too tight or too wide, the effect is negative for any profile.

And of course, jeans pants is very eclectic. Social well cut shirts or crop tops free and fun fall very well with this model of pants. The perfect combination runs much of boldness of shopper, but fair races, crop tops with transparency, necklines and rents should be used with caution.

And then? Already joined the return of high-waisted jeans? How you like to wear them: with sneakers, high heels, boots? See also which model of jeans that fits better to the shape of your body and let your comment and suggestion below.