High-Tech Ground Lucio-LED Guidelines For Sports Halls Make Distinctions Clear

Special floors for gymnasiums should remove the tangle of coloured lines, which make use of the Hall floors for several sports. The new floors are from the German company ASB Systembau GmbH.

Depending on the kind of sport you can be viewing LED to baseline by programming and so clearly.

LED base lines for gymnasium floors

Currently, a first floor of this kind is incorporated in a gymnasium in Germany based on Educationvv.com. The led floor baseline can be adapted in the future to the different needs for the sports. The special flooring for gyms is called ASB Glassfloor and can be significantly more to show only the respective baseline.

Soil Should Behave Similarly To Existing Wood Floors

Installed in a major sports venue can be displayed also the scores or various commercials in the new flooring. Even light shows for the entertainment of the breaks are viewable on the floors.Of course, the company tests the glass flooring also sure that he behaves similar to in terms ofelasticity and friction so far laid wooden floors. The glass surface was modifiedin order to meet these requirements. All halls available to provide for the appropriate floor covering, thecolours of the soil can be to your wishes and requirements.

A Variety Of Ways

Floors of this kind could find their range not only in sports halls. It is also conceivable that such soils could be used in nightclubs or stores . So let show lighting effects or signs directly on the floors. The LEDs built into the floors can be made in different colors. Of course it is also conceivable that one such floors with further technical refinements such as tracking systems etc. which equips in sports or other uses can achieve additional effects.