Herschel Backpacks

After the Easter holidays we were missing something. We just needed a little longer, until we found all the eggs. Now, of course, we would like to provide you with news and recommendations from the fashion world. 

Recently, we have already reported on the Herschel backpacks. But the new lookbook for spring 2012 is so beautiful that we had to take a look at the bags and backpacks of Herschel.

The backpacks from Herschel are first of all characterized by simple shapes, clear use of colors and the use of high-quality materials.For the most part they consist only of solid colors, with stepped leather applications. They are reminiscent of the 80s’ hiking bags by their classic design.

And now, to get you in the right mood and to animate yourself to various summer activities, such as road trips, here is the lookbook video. Super beautiful, atmospheric recordings, as we find:

The backpacks and bags from Herschel are not only incredibly high quality and beautiful to look at, but also quite affordable. They range between 60-100 EUR. A wide selection of Herschel products can be found at both ASOS and the Urban Outfitters.