Helio X25 of Meizu Pro 6 Challenge Exynos 7420

A few days ago Meizu has unveiled its new top of the line, Meizu Pro 6, the first device based on more powerful SoC made by MediaTek — Helio X25. Actually X25 is not a new proposal, since This is an enhanced version of Helio X 20, against which we find higher frequencies regarding the CPU and GPU, respectively raised to 2.5 GHz and 850 MHz.

According to howsmb, Meizu Pro 6 is the first terminal to bring this solution on the market, allowing us to put it in comparison with the version found in other smartphones with a series of benchmarks. Those that we offer have been made by ifanr and are especially interesting because of the devices being compared, or Galaxy 5, equipped with Exynos 7420, and Oppo R9 Plus, which mounts a Snapdragon 652. As its name suggests, neither competitors represents the top range of the respective manufacturers SoC (Exynos 8890 and Snapdragon 820), but we have, respectively, the best SoC 2015 and the proposal regarding the mid top of Qualcomm. Will Helio X25 to have an easy time with these two competitors? Find out with the following tests.

The benchmark studies are 3, Geekbench AnTuTu and 3D Mark, which give us, respectively, an overview of the performance of the CPU, the General and purely graphic ones. From the point of view of CPU, then parsing the results of Geekbench 3, Helio X25, thanks to its 10 core and high frequencies, was able to defeat the two competitors scoring 1925 points in single-core and multi core 6550.

Situation of substantive equality for the other two contestants, with Snapdragon 652 which ranks slightly ahead with 1512 points in single-core and multi core 5190, followed by Exynos 7420 that gets 1487 and 5144 points. Particularly interesting simply Oppo R9 on notes 5, since the first uses the CPU with lower clock between 3 (1.8/1.2 GHz) but that still manages to demonstrate performance marginally better than core Cortex-A72 compared with 2.1 GHz core A57 to Exynos 7420.

The second test, that offered by AnTuTu, shows us Meizu Pro 6 once again winner, with a score of 100159 points, against 84449 made by Galaxy 5 Notes, only to use a Panel QHD, and 83928 of Oppo R9 Plus. Despite the good score from Pro 6, at the expense of the presence of LPDDR3 RAM and an internal memory of type 5.1 eMMC, this second benchmark there begins to give you an idea of what is the weak point of Helio X25, since 3D sectorscores are considerably lower than those of Galaxy 5 Notes and are only marginally better than those of Oppo R9 Plus.

The GPU Mali-T880MP4 in 850MHz is not able to stand comparison with the Mali-T760MP8 in 772MHz used by the SoC Exynos 7420, showing how the adoption of only 4 core graphicsis not sufficient to return a graphic experience from top of the line.

The last test, the one offered from 3D Mark, does nothing but confirm what mentioned above, showing us how Galaxy Note 5 get the top spot, with 1205 points, followed by Meizu Pro 6that gets 1049 points, while Oppo R9 Plus comes in third place with 887 points.

This test confirms as Helio X25 is able to obtain a score that is located exactly halfway between the two competing solutions and, above all, it shows that there is a considerable step backwards 6 Meizu Pro than its predecessor as far as the graphics. Please remember that Meizu Pro 5 is equipped with precisely the same SoC Exynos 7420 used by Galaxy Note 5. Not only that but we also remember that according to many tests emerged in recent months, Meizu has repeatedly shown to have done an excellent job of implementing the SoC Samsung, often getting better results than those achieved by the South Korean home on his own.

In light of this it is really ambiguous the position of Meizu Pro 6. Hard to recommend it to the most hardened gamer, who will find in its predecessor a much more reliable ally. Interesting the boost of performance obtained from the CPU in tri-cluster configuration deca core that could turn out to be more efficient in handling everyday tasks. Determine if Meizu Pro 6 is the right choice for your needs is exclusively linked to the type of use of your smartphone.

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