Heden Camh04ipwe External Wireless IP Camera

Heden change the system of its new range of cameras with a new modern design, a high definition video system and many other benefits that we will present.

Heden sent us a copy of its new HD IP camera fixed outer 2 Leds, an opportunity for me to replace the old model that manages access my portal and lacked a bit of resolution …

This camera allows you to view your distance outside as a garden, a swimming pool or a portal… Its installation is fully automated thanks to its cloud-system compatible with all Internet service operators.

With this IP camera you can monitor and record the movements or in your garden, your pool or like me the access to your front gate. On the video quality H.264 High Definition (1280 x 720), you can record continuously 24h / 7d or slots you have programmed.

When the camera detects motion you will be notified that you can view directly on the cloud server via your smartphone or tablet.

Your camera is accessible both locally and remotely via a simple internet connection or 3G / 4G and even at night thanks to two ultra powerful LED. Waterproof and vandal resistant, it is perfectly adapted to withstand all weather conditions.

Installation et configuration

No need to go through a complicated configuration for most of us, you plug it in and you scan the QR code of the camera, it takes only a few seconds.

Then just click the Scan button to find the camera on your Ethernet network.

The identification number of your camera (ID) will automatically appear as below.

It’s already done, your camera is operational and connected to the cloud to view your 3G smartphone without having to do any port forwarding or DynDNS dynamic IP type eg Heden to everything.


Before going further, it is necessary to modify some parameters of your camera if you want to access WiFi, change its name, increase resolution, etc …

Consider changing the password that is the same by default, and if you do not want that we can connect easily, it is highly recommended

QVGA The icon changes the image quality up to 1280X720 obtain the best even when zooming.

Another icon provides access to the photos you have taken or those that have been taken automatically on alarm.

Landscape mode is also supported and I invite you to see for yourself the quality of image.Below 640X480.

And here in 1280X720, the highest HD quality of the camera, a more than satisfactory result especially as I had at the same place the old model for a comparison.

You can activate the alarm mode of detecting changes in the image, it is not worth a real PIR but I was rather pleasantly surprised its low error rate and low false alarm.

If detected, you will receive a notification on your smartphone with a small beep provided you well on enabling this feature.

Just click on the notification to the application explains you the latest stamped alarms.

The recording is done either in the cloud or SD card that I recommend. I let you see thumbnail pictures of past alarms upon detection of a delivery.

You can also zommer in the image by dragging the image with your fingers on the smartphone screen.

This new camera is equipped with two LEDs more powerful IR for night vision.

Here is the result of much better night than my previous camera.

The PC software is completely revised it as you could see in this last test Heden directed by Robert.

It allows you to view one or more cameras, modify the parameters, schedule recordings, create zones, etc …

Attention API news cameras Hedn HD has changed, flows and http commands are no longer the same

And to display the image stream directly in a web browser or to embed in your home automation box should be used such url:

See our detailed article on this Heden API .

You can also integrate this Heden camera on a Synology NAS type and Surveillance Station software but also download new software provided by HEDEN to go further in managing your cameras.

By installing the software “Option VisionCam HD” you will be able to customize the motion detection by defining up to 4 zones. To define four areas must be that the camera and computer are connected simultaneously to the same Internet box.

Also available in the catalog, a H.Record Heden box that plugs directly into the Internet box by a network cable. To use it will bring you a hard disk 2.5 “or 3.5” for movie. It saves the images from the cameras (up to 4 cameras) in three ways: – Continuous Recording 24h / 24h and 7d / 7d – Recording through a programmable schedule as needed – Recording upon detection of motion .

Once configured you will not need to leave a computer on continuously to make continuous recordings, the housing will take over. You will also be possible to view recordings remotely via the Android / iOS applications.

My opinion

The new IP cameras HD Heden surpass those of the old range by their video quality. For using the outdoor IP camera fixed old model since about 1 year, I was pleasantly surprised at the difference in resolution. Where I could barely make out the face of a person, it is perfectly possible for me to do so today.

Its installation and configuration does not require any special skills, everyone can install it easily.

The only complaint I can do it only concerns a specific item that is to retrieve the video stream in my home automation controller as I used to do, I have to do differently now pending a future support.

You will find this new camera range HEDEN at your resellers around 100 €.