Health Benefits of Trampoline Workout

Trampoline is fun and also good for your body! During the jump you use different muscles, so that you can use the trampoline to train them. A major advantage of the trampoline is a chance for injury is not good. Therefore, it is suitable for almost everyone!


You can jump on a trampoline naturally straight up and back, but you can do a lot of other nice jumps up! There is much variation as possible and with all the jumps you again use other muscles.
Regular zum
The fun of a trampoline is that it looks relaxed, but it’s not. To avoid that you have to keep something falls through you constantly tightened muscles. With the usual hope you keep your back straight and tightened the muscles in the legs, otherwise kick your röv.
Tips Go jump rope on the trampoline. This is fun to do, bored, and you use your arm muscles right!
Jump with a twist
This is a variation on the standard jump. You jump in the air, turn a few degrees left or right and down again. During this jump is an important and back straight, is a call to your balance.
Zits Prong
This is a simple jump that almost anyone can. You jump in the air and then pretend you are sitting down. Then you have come to the buttocks down with your legs stretched forward. Usually people automatically lean their weapons and thus they push themselves up again. You can also raise your arms.By keeping your back straight, you will back up.
Knee Bounce
Another obvious hope is the knee jump. This will bring you to your knees. This attitude is very fragile. Especially with several people on the trampoline, the chance to go back through the present.To make it more stable, you can put your hands on the mat. But that’s when the great force exerted on the arms. Another disadvantage is that the knees causing red, or a wear spot on your pants.
A somewhat daring step is rugsprong. As the name suggests, in this country you jumped on his back, with the legs pointing up. This is a head start to train your abdominal muscles, he is at first too difficult to do frequently. Important in the beginning is to look forward to, between the legs.Otherwise, your neck easy fold back.
Belly Bounce
This hope is quite unknown. It is important that countries not okay on carpet and a dive. Spring in the air, let the body horizontally suspended in the air and fall down. When the correct position has been adopted falls very relaxed.
It’s fun to try this. Start with a somersault and execute it from getting higher. You can either sitting or standing, disgusting.


It is important to pay attention to safety. Doing nothing at first you do not dare. If you think it’s scary, there’s a good chance that things go wrong. Also on a springy trampoline, you may end up ugly.
Do not jump on the trampoline with big balls. If you must avoid this sudden, you can just jump on the trampoline. If it is not buried can equate your pain on the back. In an InGround trampoline there is less chance of you falling off; Especially with young children, this is appropriate.
Prefer not to skip ahead if you are home alone. There may be accidents, it is good if there is someone who can support, or arrange for an ambulance.
Binds the last fix your hair. This can be dangerous for your eyes jump and also get all the way into the harness.
People with moving muscles can better be careful with a trampoline. They have a great chance to sink their ankles.
Do not put on your best clothes, but soft clothing. The pants could rupture and some jumpers tend to pick through friction with the jumping mat.
Trampoline is not entirely without risk? s, but a fun activity with a particular effect for your body.Have fun!