Headphones Sony MDR-ZX750, Bluetooth And Active Reduction Of Noise At The Program

The purpose of today’s test is head headband headphones proposed by Sony, MDR-ZX750. It is a Bluetooth with anreduction feature active noise. Let’s discover together and without delay what he gives listening.

The MDR-ZX750 comes in a little rewarding plastic packaging, they’re used to better at Sony. It is therefore a helmet closed over-ear type. The design is classic with a RollBar padded at points of contact with the skull, large well padded earpieces and hinged branches for a better hold.

The headset weighs 231 g and shows nice port. From a technical point of view, the MDR-ZX750 offers Bluetooth connectivity. It should be noted that it incorporates an NFC chip for pairing touch to a compatible device. In addition, it manages theaptX which is to recall a transmission standard Bluetooth offering near CD audio quality by minimizing the amount of compression before transfer.

Another advantage of this helmet, it offers an active noise reduction. And finally it allows telephone communication through the microphones built into each earpiece. The headset comes with a cable Jack/Jack for wired listening and a micro USB charging cable / USB. The announced maximum autonomy is 13 h mode Bluetooth + noise reduction, 7 pm in simple Bluetooth and 24 hours in single active reduction.

The start-up of the headphones Sony MDR-ZX750 is not difficult. After loading (allow about 2:30) just press and hold the Power button, followed by a drive search Nomad source. The activation of the reduction active noise is made by pressing a round button located on the left atrium. Among other possibilities, making communication so, but also the volume control and navigation through the tracks with 2 buttons located on the right atrium. On the Player Cowon Z2used for this test, the volume control worked, but it wasn’t the case of the navigation through the tracks. Certainly as a result of a slightly older version of Android.

Musically, the Sony MDR-ZX750 defends rather well. The sound aesthetic favours low frequencies, but the mid-high remains readable. On the “Dub in a Time of Cholera” Dub colossus the bass line is very present and perfectly suited to this style of music. There is however without bad cymbals games. Tested on the jazzy “Shall We Dance” of the singer Stacey Kent, MDR-ZX750 is certainly not the lead in the top of the spectrum of audiophile headphones but listening is very nice, with always this serious accentuated without excess.

However, we can blame him a lack of momentum, particularly sensitive on pieces of zouk retro or on the compil Electro-rap Electro Cypher. In return, he must concede a RESTful listening headphones Sony and without aggressiveness, good sign for extended listening. Bluetooth is very good, I have unfortunately no stall during this test.I’m less enthusiastic about the active noise reduction that has not totally convinced me. Sony MDR-ZX750 offers a passive isolation of the most correct, but activation of the musical mode noise reduction not me not decisive appears.However, the device seems more effective without music. Good to know if you want to isolate yourself a little surrounding noise without necessarily listen to your music.

Good track record so for this headset Bluetooth, NFC and active noise reduction. If a more rewarding packaging would have been welcome, the Sony MDR-ZX750 offer at a reasonable price of the functions that are usually paying a price hard.