Have Your Facebook Profile in Book Format

Since last month, users Facebook can download all the data they have sent to the social network. This includes photos, notes, posts and anything else that is on your profile. There’s not much you can do after you download this file, since no service knows how to separate what is what in the middle of all that Facebook puts into it. But a website aims to capture this data every month and do something a little different with him.

Called (hold laughter) Ninuku Archivist , the site captures the photos, posts (and comments from friends in them), notes and other information that Facebook users send to the site and organize them chronologically into chapters, which can be quarterly , semi – annual or annual. From there it creates a PDF file that can be easily printed.

The service costs $ 24 a year. A cheap price to someone who wants to have his life on Facebook saved for posterity in a book that is your face. Facebook, face book. Yes, the joke was free and infamous. You’re welcome.