Haircut for Round Face

The aesthetic allied himself with mathematics to generate perfect combinations and created formulas infallible. What women need to do is meet all the techniques and know which value their characteristics. An example of this are the formats of the faces, which have been studied thoroughly. Now you can know what eyebrow, glasses, makeup, hairstyle and even what kind of haircut is best in each.

Hairstyles for Round Face

Today, we will reveal the mysteries hidden on the round face. We have prepared this article for women to meet the best haircuts for this format. But first of all, you know what is the shape of your face? Let’s do a brief explanation:

Square face: the jaw is quite clear, as it has about the same width of the forehead, forming a square.

Round face: has the width and length, basically the same as, resembling a circle.

Long face: its format is like a rectangle. The measurement of the jaw is similar to the tests. The length of the face is much bigger than its width.

Oval face: this has balanced measures and apples.

Heart or triangular face: have a wider forehead and is narrower in the chin.

Could you tell the difference between the faces? For example, Giovanna Antonelli is round face.

The round face doesn’t suit all types of haircut, very short or long hair is more difficult to combine, the average cut is ideal. Some types of bangs married well. The straight cut should be avoided. Check out the models that we select and choose the one that makes his style.

Hair Cuts for Round Face

Even though the round face, you can opt for a short cut, since your hair is not bulky. In this length, choose a asymmetrical cut with side bangs or larger wires on the front. It is a modern style.

If you fancy a longer cut, choose the layers, which must start from the Chin. They help to sharpen the face and give the visual lightness.

For bulky hair, the cool thing is do a side bangs. It takes attention away from the face and softens the expression.

Another example of fringe. This disguises the protrusion of the cheeks. The fringe is super feminine and combines with peaked or shreds.

We’ve mentioned it before. This big hair curly and voluminous tuned the face of actress. If your hair is wavy, just take a peaked, to increase the volume and balance.

Tip: invest in your hair! Make moisturizing regularly. No use having a wonderful cut, if the wires are not healthy. Beautiful hair has shine and softness.

Hairstyles for Round Face

There are also those who value hairstyles round face. Prefer coke and high ponytails with loose locks.

The Mila Kunis is using a high, and with a fringe effect in front, who gave volume to the hair. This style elongates the face and is ideal for parties.

Tip: Accessories are also welcome. The earring in chin high, along with the hairstyle, helped take the heat off of the cheeks. Avoid long earrings.

This ponytail with volume, fringe and wicks, is perfect to soften a round face. And it is a hairstyle that can be used on various occasions.


To cooperate with the court, there are some makeup techniques specific to round face. The best tip is don’t use blush always use tones a bit darker than your skin, that’s a shade and thins the face.

How-to: spread the blush on the lowest part of the cheekbone and esfumace-towards the nose and the corner of the lips (as in the image below). Your face will be with a mild effect.

Extra tips:

  • If you wear eyeglasses, prefer the square frames.
  • The eyebrow needs to have an arched shape.

There is no better or worse face type. But some things can disrupt the format. We gave some tips, not because the round is bad, but if you don’t take care, he is much more rounded than it really is, and the woman ends up with what they call a “full moon”.

Choose a cut using the principles we show, combining the hairstyles, makeup, eyebrow and glasses. These elements working together, enhance its beauty.