Hair: You Should Avoid These Mistakes!

The reason for this article was a “videotutorial” for male hairdressers, which I stumbled upon this morning. There has given a “hairdresser” guidance, how to get for example to a “Robert Pattinson inspired” hairstyle. What I saw there was the horror for me! How to make everything right with his hairstyle for men, you will find under the previously linked page.

Mistakes that you should avoid in dealing with your hair

  1. You should not wash your hair too often.3-4x per week are sufficient. They fatten for a certain reason: to protect from the sun and other environmental influences.
  2. Your hair must “breathe”!Too much gel & hairspray damage the substance, make your hair brittle and support “split”.
  3. Hair straighteners, whether with heat protection or without, always damages the hair!You do not need a hair dryer for (almost) any men’s hairstyles. There are always alternatives! -The only exception I can think of is very curly, bristly, unruly hair that you want to “smooth”.
  4. Hairs that move can look healthier: Hairspray should never be a routine, but only be used when your hair is sometimes more unruly than usual (“Bad Hair Day”).For photos, it may well be useful to capture wild hair, but it is neither beautiful nor healthy for everyday use. Or what do you think of these gentlemen?
  5. Heat hurts your hair according to BEAUTYGENERATE.COM. After washing your hair, you should either blow dry or dry at a very low level. If you notice that your hair is almost dry, stop, the residual moisture may dry naturally and you do not expose your hair to any heat.

Even if everyone styled his hair as he liked it, these points should be kept in the back of the head. My personal opinion is that men can calmly deal with their hair more easily, and in products, less frequently is more.