Google Will Not Be Your Default Browser On Microsoft’s New Operating System

I’m pretty sure that to get you up here and read this article, you’ve used Google. In fact, most likely in your browser, Google is the default search engine.

However, Microsoft would like you to stop using the most used search engine on the planet, and for this, intends to partially block this popular tool in its new desktop operating system presented yesterday , Windows 10 S, which arrives to compete directly with Chrome OS.

Undoubtedly, this is a rather strange move on the part of the company, since blocking users the possibility of predefining their favorite browser in the browser could cause them to reject their new product, even more so when, again, we remember that We are the most used search engine in all the length and width of the planet.

Microsoft Does Not Want You To Use Google As The Default Browser In Windows 10 S

Windows 10 S is a cut version of the popular operating system, introduced yesterday by Redmond, and is intended for use in education-oriented computers. One of its main peculiarities is that it does not allow the installation of third party programs or applications that do not come from the Microsoft application store.

But the restrictions do not end here, as they say from 9to5Google, Microsoft will prevent users from setting Google as the default browser in Edge, the browser included its operating system. Also, because Google Chrome is not available in the Microsoft apps store, users will not have too many options when choosing a browser.

It’s true that Microsoft Edge is far from a bad browser. However, this prohibition seems a bit excessive, and many users will not be willing to stop using Google just because the Redmond company wants it.Be that as it may, there will always be the possibility to visit the Google website manually whenever you want to perform a search.

And you, do you use Google as the default browser ?, what do you think about the latest Microsoft measure?

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