Google Tests Best Integrated Search in Gmail and Drive

Today, Google opened a new Field Trial, or field test, where users can sign up to test a new feature in a service company. This time the test feature is a mode search even more advanced than what Google announced in August. Now, in addition to searching the web and Gmail, files results in Google Drive will also be displayed – and the search in Gmail just got smarter.

It works like this: when doing a search on the Google home page, a summary of Google Drive and Gmail results will be shown on the right side. By clicking “Show results” this summary is extended and a more complete search appears. It is unclear whether the search feature only the file names on Google Drive or within the files too.

In the integrated Gmail search, turn the feature also went on to show items such as contacts of an account and events on the calendar. In addition, of course, search for items on Google Drive.

A warning on the test page makes it clear that only users of Google in English and with a Gmail account can volunteer in the test (which lets Google Apps users outside). But who really want to sign up to test this indispensable resource can use a proxy and try your luck – Google will send send an email when the feature is enabled.