Google Should Return to Show Tweets in Searches

Have you noticed that Google is able to list the profiles Twitter in their results, but not the messages posted on the social network? But this story is about to change: according to Bloomberg, both companies are negotiating indexing tweets, including real – time.

The supposed agreement would be a reconciliation, in a way: in 2009, Google and Twitter closed a partnership for the same purpose, but broke in July 2011. Since then, tweets no longer appear in the results of search.

The decision apparently was unilateral. Google removed the tweets from their content and, almost simultaneously, began to prioritize more “social” search – was a way to promote the then newcomer Google+ in practice.

Revenge, the new agreement should help Google to have more precision in searches with social context, a feature that is particularly important now that Google+ is not as significant to the company’s plans. Not to mention that Bing indexes tweets for a long time.

Not only is the provision of tweets in searches it: to have easy access to these messages, the company can make a series of analyzes to identify important trends and events in a given region, for example.

But it is Twitter that should take more advantage: the company has been promoting a series of changes in recent months to have more (or not lose) relevance. In this sense, the indexing tweets can give greater visibility to the service. In addition, there is the factor income: Google would have to pay a periodic license to access the publications database.

The forecast is that indexing tweets by Google start to run until the end of this semester. Technically, there are no restrictions. Details of the agreement is that it would be pending: it seems that this time, Twitter is taking much care not to leave at a disadvantage.