Google Returns to Confront Demands by Monopoly, This Time by Google Apps

If there is a demand that many large companies have faced ever is one demand for monopoly. Particularly in Europe is an issue that is regarded with particular interest and from certain market share companies must walk with feet of lead for not giving more work to their lawyers, but is sometimes inevitable, and this time he has had to Google launching its legal machinery due to a lawsuit filed in the State of California.

This time the demand has to do with Android and Google applications that try to introduce many more terminals better. The demand in particular has to do with the obligation to introduce applications like GMail or Google Search factory at terminals that have asked for permission to incorporate Google Play.

The plaintiffs claim that having to put more applications than they would like to makes it undervalued the applications that they themselves have worked hard to create. The big question is whether this is going to thrive, as Android (or rather AOSP) is free and there is no obligation to use the services of Google if someone doesn’t want them to use.

It is difficult to predict the direction that will take this demand, It is true that Android without the applications that are in Google Play is very short, and force to make services more it may be frowned upon. But not it is worth remembering that it is not a mandatory process and is always the option of putting an alternative market, as it is one of the advantages for the freedom that gives Android.