Google Retrieves The Dark Theme in The Preview of Android N

Sighted in the development of Android M Preview menus, the truth is that the dark mode everyone asked fell off the list of features in the final version of 6.0 Android Marshmallow, keeping menus with white background only option in the interface of the operating system.

However, and suppose that you according to the requests of an infinite number of users, the dark theme has returned to appear in the preliminary version of Android N that have been distributed for Nexus devices, and that many have been able to install and to test it in depth.

This time, it seems that the dark matter has come to stay, because while Android M was in the midst of a jungle of development options hidden to less advanced users, now It is part of the interface configuration menu System.

Seems therefore that, to many users who didn’t like them so luminous appearance of an Android with a white background and trying to change it with other launchers or cooked ROMs, finally they will be able to configure a dark option from the settings without more needs.

In addition, is an improvement that will appeal greatly to Smartphone users with AMOLED screen, that add up to energy savings the dark aesthetics can keep more pixels off for longer.

To these new options accessed from the quick settings, and allow you to also set the tone or the brightness of the panel in conditions of low light, among other options.