Google Patented Its Own Hybrid between Smartphone and Laptop

It is not the first foray into the market of hybrid devices, and is that the Motorola Atrix which illustrates the article the Asus Padfone, joined later with the Infinity as last exponent of the popular convertible range of Asus.

Now is the own Google who seem to be behind your phone that becomes the heart of your laptop, and that the Mountain View giant It has patented in the United States the mechanism of connectivity between phone and laptop.

The patent refers to a “laptop and a mobile phone Assembly”, and It does not seem to be linked to any real product that we know even by leaks, so it is early to venture an Android smartphone that is integrated into a portable Chromebook or directly operates under a specific version of Android, thus initiating the oft denied both Chrome OS and Android operating systems integration.

The idea is not bad, because the Chrome OS notebook are not having the response that Google would like to, and also none of these personal computers makes sense without connection to Internet, thing that a powerful current smartphone might be granted quickly and saving further costs in the purchase of the own laptop.

We will see what wants to do Google with its new patent, and If finally we have a Chromebook receiving life thanks to an Android smartphone We are happy to try how is Google them manages to keep both platforms United but with lives separate. And you, like the idea?