Google Maps Has Pictures in High Definition and 3D Enhanced

Perfect timing: while Tim Cook apologizes for troublesome maps of iOS 6, the Google took the opportunity to announce improvements to Maps. Today the Mountain View company has added satellite images in high definition from dozens of countries and included aerial photos of 45 more cities – like feature of the Flyover maps Apple.

Aerial photos of 45 bring a good sense of “depth”. In the announcement, Google shows the Tower of Pisa, which began to be built in Italy in 1173 and should remain standing for at least the next 200 years. 51 cities have updated pictures of 45, 37 in the US and 14 other countries, including Portugal, France, Italy, UK and Canada. In Brazil, cities such as Porto Alegre and Brasilia won the images at the end of last year.

Google also updated the satellite image database Maps. Some cities in the US have gained new aerial photos, which have a level of detail very good. Cities in other 112 countries, including Brazil, had an upgrade in the definition of the pictures taken by satellites, but they are not well defined as in certain locations.

The complete list of cities and countries with high definition pictures are on Google Lat Long, official blog of the company’s mapping service. The new images are also available on Google Earth.