Google Launches YouTube App Geared for Children

The Google launched on Monday (23) the YouTube Kids, as the name shows, a version for children of its popular video service. The idea is to provide specific content for children within an application with an intuitive interface and free from distractions.

It makes perfect sense. If you have or live with young children, you must have realized that they learn very quickly to cope with certain technological resources – I was shocked when I saw the two year old daughter of a cousin click on “Skip Ad” in a video Pocoyo.

Such dexterity leaves admired adults – and rightly so. The problem is that, as you are able to recognize the thumbnail Pintadinha Chicken on the displayed content of history, for example, the little ones can click on a suggested video inappropriate to their age.

To USA Today, Google product manager Shimrit Ben-Yair explained that the initiative came just after the company received numerous requests from concerned parents arrangements with exposure of children to potentially harmful materials.

YouTube Kids try to meet this demand by providing only selected content. The interface, as simplified as possible, shows channels for easy access to the main children’s programs, there is also space for musical and educational videos.

A tool search that accepts voice commands is also present in the application, but research filter terms that can provide access to inappropriate content (such as “sex”).You can disable this feature to provide only the content suggested by YouTube. Parents can also determine how long the child will access the service.

Currently, the YouTube Kids is available only in the United States in versions for Android and also iOS (initially it was thought that only the Google platform would have access to new). The availability in other countries is not ruled out, but should depend, among other factors, the application acceptance in the US market.

Google is not the first company to go this way. In late January, Twitter launched a Vine for children at the suggestion of an employee who watched her daughter using the “normal” version of the app.

Originally published on February 20. Updated today (23) to include the download links and information.