Google Is Facing a Lawsuit by Dominant Position, This Time in Russia

One more time, Google might be in court by dominant position due to a huge success that has had Android that hardly leaves room for competition. It is not the first time what happens, because already he has faced before such demands, for example for Google Apps.

This time the dominant position claims happen in Russia and has been with the announcement of its main competitor and the unique service of search engine able to shadow the Russian search engine Yandex. Once again, the reason is the same, and is that Android has the vast majority of the market share in Russia.

So far Google has not ruled on the matter, but as on previous occasions, be defended, although you can use Android, have no use of Google services. That, and that even so, users can use Yandex without problem.

Yandex argues that Android market share has been declining, mostly for not being as easy to put to Yandex as default search engine, making finally Google who ends up taking searches.