Google Christmas: the New Orkut Invitation to All

After six weeks since the new Orkut came on the air, generating invitations request fever, Google decided whether it was time to let everyone get in your party. From today, all accounts gradually given the option to migrate to the new version of the social network, what good enough initial prediction that all accounts would have migrated by the end of the first half of 2010.

What took Google to take the initiative, according to the post on the official blog Orkut was the positive response from users. “We have received great reviews on the faster speed, better organization of the site and easier to interact with your friends in the new orkut,” says product management director of orkut, Victor Ribeiro.

To migrate to the new orkut now, simply click on the special button at the top of your home page in the social network, without invitation. Those who does not have this button, the summer appear on your profile in a few days.