Google Assistant What?

Little by little it starts to become known a new program from Google. Called Google Assistant and comes to compete directly with Bexbi, Samsung artificial intelligence Assistant. The app begins to form part of the firmware of different Android devices and seeks to gain greater presence against the wizard that will include nearly all the new phones and tablets Samsung.

Google Assistant is a tool that works as an intermediary between the user and the phone. Whether speaking or writing to our inquiries or orders, Google Assistant leaves us to make multiple actions without having to open specific apps. The Assistant is activated with the known “OK Google” command.

Google Assistant what?

Google Assistant What

The main question is about the difference between this new wizard, and the old Google Now. In fact, Google Assistant is an extension of that service, improving the speed and performance. Anyway, there are some differences that we enumerate:

Assistant is an exclusive Androidapp, you can not install it on devices that run other operating systems.
With Google Assistant we dialogue, engaging conversations close to which you can have with a human being.
The data are learned to then merge in future searches in if necessary. Thus the wizard helps us to obtain better results in subsequent searches.
The last important difference is that Google Assistant is integrated to other services, how Google Allo, Google Home, Android TV & Android Wear 2.0. This means that we can give orders and commands that are carried out by these apps without having to open them separately.