Good Fishing Of Concordia

An always yielding area, with very good gold and other fun species.Image gallery.

We already knew the species we were looking for, allegedly also knew the elements with which we were going to try to capture them. The idea was tried with artificial baits and lure some big golden, using bait cast or spinning modalities and fishing background Bogue.

All this it had very clear, just needed to find the place. We called several fishing litoralenos and to think the possibility of relieving the low Uruguay. But ultimately we decided on the Entre Ríos city of Concord, birthplace of great trophies. Even though they leave copies of the so-called small and medium-sized, it is common to give with Bogue exceeding 4,500 kilograms and dorados that reach the 20 kilos.

To this Entre Ríos fishing we could divide it in two. A strip ranging from the stone lace in the Salto Chico area upstream to cartels that delimit the exclusion zone, where is the dam of Salto Grande and where you can catch the world’s largest gold. And the other fishing would go from the posters of the limit up to the dam, an accident on the river created by the man who regulates the height of the Uruguay in the area and generate energy.

In the fishing boats outside the boundary we find deep wells, a couple of waterfalls, sliding well marked on the Uruguayan coast, tips of arenales and any output streams on the Argentine Bank. In addition the Salto Chico, a string of stones with slides and water really fast: often has a tremendous fishing in amount of medium Golden, which costs much bend by the power of the currents, factor to keep in mind to choose the power of teams and prevent these individuals earn us stones and produce a cut.

Of the exclusion zone there is not much to add to not know. Large schools of Golden which are and copies that we can capture are undoubtedly the most precious trophies that is possible to get in the place.

Bream fishing teams that may be consist of rods action of tip of 2.10 to 2.50 m, medium-sized reels low profile or round tops with capacity for 100 m of nylon 0.35 mm or 40 pound multifilament (1 pound: 453,59 grams), slip leads of between 10 and 80 grams and hooks of the Maruseigo type numbers 10 to 14. Bait par excellence is the soaked corn, which can be flavored with vanilla extract. Obviously, they also tend to pay the white worm, the mass and sometimes red chorizo.

The line is very simple. It must pass lead by the wire that comes from the reel, tie a medium swivel and then hang a 80 cm ganging up to 1 m. We can also build about 60 cm of 0,50 mm nylon tied between two swivels so that it flows lead and put the branch line in the swivel below. The only difference between both options may be the discomfort of the second if we need to do a long shot.

With regard to fishing for dorados, rods must have a power of between 17 and 25 pounds with tip and comfortable action to achieve good shots with lures. The length can be between 1.60 and 2,10 m. The reels should be basically egg type, have a very good record of brake and capacity to minimally charge 100 m from 40 to 65 pounds multifilament. For those who like, the thread coming from the reel you can add a whip of fluorocarbon coating thickness by stones rubbing or tie the last 2 m of multi double, as if it were a big bow-shaped, and then from this tie and shaped double bind him a leader of 50/60 pounds and about 30 cm long where we will put our lure. To complete the team we bring needlenose pliers long to remove hooks, a bogagrip or snowflake to lift the fish, gloves, goggles and hat with visor.