Gone Are The Ranges Low for HTC, Will Follow The Sony Way to Profitability

Chinese manufacturers, those we refer to when we talk about mobile builders of Chinese origin but throwing terminals at low prices and with few differences among them, they are winning the game. Some years have been talking about impact causing on sales from the major manufacturers, by having very small structures and allow them to sell at cheap prices, and it seems that they are made with low range.

HTC has been already some time passing it poorly both financially and in sales. Become a Google Pixel manufacturers alleviated to some extent their economic sorrows but did not get that they remontasen to leave the red numbers. Your solution, in the mouth of one of its leaders, appears to be the abandonment of the medium in Android ranges. HTC will go the way that Sony has already started looking for the same result.

Goal: profitability

After the last presentation of figures, which corresponded to the end of 2016, HTC have shown to be more clear than ever. 2017 will be the year in which the Taiwanese manufacturer abandon the low-end, We will see whether permanently or just temporarily. If a few weeks ago we learned that 2017 would only welcome between 6 and 7 phones of the Chinese firm, we now know that all will be positioned in the upper ranges.

Everything is a problem of profitability, not only the general of the company itself but of terminals that are traded in the low ranges. The requirement to offer really discounted prices causes the benefits by each terminal are very skimpy, and hence that HTC has decided to invest efforts to sell phones that do not report him nothing sensitive to economic.

Sony did so previously. A few years ago, the Japanese manufacturer expressed his desire to leave the low ranges, and although subsequently placed on the market some model series E, kept his word and a few months ago accomplished what had been long looking for. Sony got to stop losing money on their mobile phones to coast division, that Yes, limiting its sales to the 16 million annual Terminal.

If the stability of Sony has come up with 16 million phones sold, where is that of HTC?

HTC seeks a similar goal, although It subtracted to see what number of devices found its balance. At the moment this year we have already known U Ultra HTC and HTC U Play. In the way of the Taiwanese there are several terminals Earrings from reaching the market, as a high-end to lead our catalog already confirmed but no name, and some models as the “Live Phone” that remain in the air for now.

Thus, we can begin now to be dead, or frozen indefinitely, the line of economic models are throwing under the sub-brand Desire, and perhaps more than one One that was in the mind of HTC. For a while we thought that the race slope down HTC did not seem to end, or that its end would be the disappearance of the company in the mobile sector. We will see if this coup of rudder helps them, as it has helped Sony. If it is not too late.