Gmail: Contact Limit is Extended and Reaches 25,000

The Gmail got bigger. No, the service e-mail from Google keeps marching slowly towards the 8 GB storage capacity. A (small) news announced today by the company is another: more space to store information about contacts within the Gmail agenda. In fact, this space has more than doubled.

To date, Google has allowed each Gmail user cadastrasse up to 10,000 contacts. It seems that this was not enough. In astatement, the company says it wants “that you can store all your contacts in one place”. The new limit on the number of contacts arrived at the house of 25,000.

I have no idea who has 25 thousand contacts to store in Gmail. It is worth remembering that one entrance – just a name, so to speak – involves storing data of various addresses, phone numbers and so on.

Google also expanded the size on disk of each individual contact. Before 32 KB limit contacts can now reach 128 KB. The news is particularly interesting for those who abuse the notes related to contacts.