Globe Launches Augmented Reality Big Brother Brazil

The reality show Big Brother Brazil debut only on Tuesday (12 / Jan), but TV Globo has launched an application that will help publicize the program. Augmented Reality of Big Brother Brazil (BBB) ​​10 allows computer users to “interact” with the participants of the house, through the webcam .

The program’s production team announced the new feature in the Production Blog. To use augmented reality you need to access a particular page and download a PDF in which there is a figure that will be identified pel the computer camera. Then the user must download the application to each of the participants of the reality show. There are versions for Windows and Mac OS.

I auditioned in my MacBook White – I love and hate at the same time. How could it be, Ichose the tuiteira-user-to-script advertising and Thessaly (@twittess) to play with augmented reality of the BBB. Print the PDF and lowered her application for Mac The result you see below:

I do not know if the problem is with the MacBook, but the video was not captured at 30 fps (frames per second), resulting in a somewhat slow playback. So I put the figure with the “B” in front of the webcam, I was surprised with a Twittess waving at and making signs. Nothing more than that. Move the paper means to move the participant.

It is the first time I see a Brazilian television program of wide audience making use of augmented reality. Now it’s wait and see how users will make use of technology and it will be used in more productions.

One thing, however, is certain: the augmented reality (AR) is here to stay. According to company analysis Juniper Research, the augmented reality market will move more than $ 700 million in 2014.

[Update on 12 / Jan at 22:20] The BBB 10 production team aired another augmented reality option. This time it is the Big Brother house: Tattoo the room, which has tattoos covering furniture, carpets and even the walls. The view of this 3D room is available for computers running Windows (.exe) or Mac OS (.command).