Giana Sisters Will Come a Nvidia Shield

Little by little they begin to see games that will accompany to the NVIDIA Shield, one of the most important points, because it is pensaod to use console of high power despite his heart with Android. The company seeks to get big names covering all types of consumers, both the most commercial games and independent games.

An example of this is the new port that has been announced exclusively for NVIDIA Shield. It’s the game Giana Sister, a standalone game drinking directly from the plataformera made themselves so popular in the 90s but which stands out for two issues very clear game: the artistic design and a particularly high level of difficulty.

In this game we will have to move from one point to another as in any game, worse we will have to combine the powers of these two sisters to be able to move forward. With the attack in the sweet sister jumping and the attack into a spin of the most rebellious sister we must go by choosing the best to finish levels.

At the moment has been confirmed the arrival for the NVIDIA Shield, but details about if will first reach more NVidia temrinales, although surely it is in the Play Store when temporary exclusivity runs out have not been clarified. That Yes, dates still not been mentioned, which will have to be attentive to the news of the developer