German Map Either Excluded Houses Street View

An IT consultant, amateur and insolent photographer full time called Jens Best announced plans to get even against the German internet users who opterem by excluding their houses Google Maps , as available in the country so that the web giant avoid larger heads pains court. According to Der Spiegel, Best volunteered to go personally to each residence withdrawal of maps service, photograph them and post it in Picasa with their GPS coordinates.
“We have to apply on the Internet the same rules that exist in the real world,” said Best.”It is our right to be able to take panoramic photos of public places or things that can be seen from public spaces”, he adds.

According to the newspaper, the subject “is willing even to stop behind bars” on behalf of the success of your project, which has the support of “more than 200 volunteers” who will divide the tasks of monitoring the censored houses and photograph -Las.