GeeksPhone Revolution Won’t Boot Dual Boot

When GeeksPhone announced its Revolution He did it with the possibility of using two operating systems your flag. Android and Boot 2 Gecko (Firefox OS for friends) of the hand in a terminal with specifications of range mean that promised to be a very desired terminal for more experienced users.

This morning in Madrid GeeksPhone has presented the mobile Revolution and has left a message very clear to the media: there will be no dual boot as such. We can only have one operating system and not two at the same time. We will have to choose, and make a backup before not to lose data.

The Spanish company has confirmed to us that not we have two operating systems running at the same time and, obviously, not be able to switch between them on-site. Within the settings menu, we will have an option to install a version or another whenever you want.

That Yes, every time you make an installation We will lose all the data so we have to do a backup previously. GeeksPhone justifies that this is useful when, for example, we travel to another country and need to change OS for some reasons (see censorship to services such as the China). Personally it seems a little disappointing that finally it is not so.

GeeksPhone has taken advantage of Intel architecture to have two operating systems at the same time but the change we proposed between the two fails to be useful and flexible, since whenever we do so we will have to reset the terminal from scratch.