Galaxy S5 Appears in Video 24 Hours before Your Presentation Official in Three Colors (Update: Now Four!)

Seems the protector guys wouldn’t be badly aimed with its cover, which appeared settled in the renderings of press phone yesterday itself. Yes, I’m speaking of the S5 Galaxy, that will be presented tomorrow itself (and this is what we expect), during the event that Samsung has prepared at the Mobile World Congress.

This is a video that has most likely occurred in one of the showcases taking place as private meetings during the fair which begins tomorrow in Barcelona, in which the protagonist is not a Gear 2 in the foreground, but that attention falls on the elements we can see back.

It’s the S5 Galaxy in three colors, grey-black, gold and white, screen down and a somewhat blurred background. We see that it fits perfectly with the cover of Protector shown above, with a more elongated and positioned just below the camera led flash.

While it is true that the image is not quite right, and being collected a video on Instagram that has already disappeared, block enough with provision of elements we see on previous phones: Jack plug above left, and a black dot that would be infrared port above right.

With everything that has been said about the quality of materials Samsung and its high ranges, we would expect a phone finally built in noble materials. At the moment we have finishes at the rear with matte look, which would improve the grip on previous models, giving a better feel in your hand. What do you think?

Update: As already indicated in the comments, the color black which has a part of the flash which is presupposed dual is suspicious. One possibility is that part of that element is some kind of sensor, or that the video has been manipulated and have that bug. Tomorrow we will know it in detail.